Simple Ways To Bring Plants Into Your Small Space

There is always a lack of space in metro cities. Buildings seem to be constructed in each other’s lap and people breathe down on your neck. The cluster of houses across a large stretch is the signs of mass deforestation due to rapid urbanization or commercialization. This situation has led to a sporadic rise in the level of pollution which can be checked only and only with more plantation. That’s why keeping a plant (s) in the home has become more significant now. Because that would eliminate all the toxic air and shower immense amount of oxygen on you. But if you say that you stay in a matchbox kind of apartment in a metro city, you have to learn how beautifully you can incorporate plants into your small space.

Learn these simple ways and bring more plants in your home to breathe a fresher air and lead a better life!

One Plant

Always start with something small:

If you are primarily new to gardening or you want to create a small garden in your home, always start with small steps. Bring one or two plants home and grow them. You have to keep in mind the light and air condition in your home before buying a plant for your small space. The plants that can grow easily in small spaces are peppers, tomatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries, and blueberries. It would be a wise investment as you can enjoy the yield in its freshest form. Just don’t forget to water the plants daily.

Plants inside bathroom

Add Greenery to the Overlooked Places:

Plants bring the fresh air, clean the room, and also add a splash of color amidst the boring household objects. Consider the windowsills, fire escapes, balcony, coffee table, etc. to keep green plants. You can also consider your bathroom for keeping plants. You can bring plants like Pothos, Aloe Vera, Ferns, and Cactus inside the bathroom.

Dim Light plants

Choose Plants as per Light Availability:

There are plants that cannot sustain direct sunlight while some plants cannot stay away from the sun for long! So, whatever light condition you have in your small space, you would always get a plant supplementing that. There are plants that can adjust in poor lit areas and you must look out for them. Look out for mosses terrarium, Swedish Ivy, Begonia, Maidenhair ferns, Peace Lily, Snake Plant, Dracaena, or Philodendron and place it in your dim room. If you have a bright sunny balcony, you must bring Jade Plant, Succulents like Aloe Vera, Sweet Basil, Common Geranium, Dwarf Citrus, etc. The room temperature would become cooler if you place these plants.

Space Saving Planters

Opt for Space-Saving Planters:

Space is a big problem in big cities. So, you can now bring in some space-saving planters. These planters would shower a breath of fresh air in your small space. Check out the railing planters that can be hanged from the railings or any other place that has scope for small gardening. You can incorporate the used container like tea tins, small bowl, coffee mug, or jug to beautify your kitchen or study table with a nice plant. These planters won’t eat up much space and provide a new edge to your space!

Perennial Plant

Grow Something Perennial:

Those who are new to gardening habits must bring something that would flourish all over the year. Settle for those plants that never goes dormant. You can buy these plants: Areca Palm, Aloe Vera, Boston Ferns, Arrowhead Vine, Cactus, English Ivy, Spider Plant, Lucky Bamboo Plant, etc. These plants have the unique ability to purify your home air. So, bring these perennial plants home today!

Hanging Plants

Hanging Plants:

The balcony or small window space that you have must be used for keeping hanging planters. You can keep a variety of plants like wildflowers or ferns that would add a mystery and beauty to your space. Water them daily in the morning and evening and absorb the fresh beauty.

Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens:

The most important thing that anyone and everyone with space-challenge must incorporate is that – create a vertical garden. When you cannot utilize the horizontal space, of course opting for the vertical use of space would be cardinal. Therefore, you can buy wall-hanging plant holder or rework on your old rack to create a new vertical planter.

Apply these simple and easy ideas to bring more greenery to your life. You can extend your space but you can enliven the small space that would give you a better mental and physical health.


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