Balancing Chakras Wish Tree

Balancing Chakras Wish Tree

The wish trees are made from real gemstones. They are one-of-a-kind handcrafted pieces of art. They attract positive vibes and provide healing energies and are also known to make wishes come true! Wish trees help you connect with and open your chakras allowing for a free flow of energy. If the chakras are healthy and balanced, you are more likely to have physical and mental peace. This unique wish tree will help balance your thoughts and bring harmony in your life. 

Here are seven unique stones that a 7 chakra wish tree is made up of:


It is a great stone for healing, both physically & emotionally, that brings about intense spiritual growth. Amethyst revives the crown chakra & helps to balance your emotions and thoughts.

Rock Crystal

It is a powerful healing stone that helps to heal old emotional wounds. Also helps to improve your sense of self-worth. Rock crystal stone helps to increase your energy levels and can heal several ailments.


Citrine is a popular crystal stone that brings success and prosperity. Hence the name ‘Success Stone.’ This chakra stone brings good luck and good fortune in the owner’s life, along with emotional stability.  


Opal stone is the ‘Eye Stone’ that inspires love, luck, and happiness in life. It acts as a prism that clear negative emotions and boost feelings of joy and self-worth into your body.


Agate is a good luck stone that helps to obtain emotional and physical balance in your life. It is a fertility stone that relieves discomfort during pregnancy and helps with several health issues like headache and digestion.

Tiger’s Eye

It is a powerful stone that helps release fear and anxiety in stressful situations. Tiger’s eye stone offers protection against people who might wish you ill. It helps in healing people who deal with anxiety disorders and depression. 


Aventurine mostly helps in all areas of your life, especially intellect and creativity. It provides a sense of calm & balance energy & happiness. Aventurine also offers medicinal benefits like balancing blood pressure, decreasing sinus problem, relieving allergies, and treating sleeping disorders. 

This 7 chakra wish tree is suitable for gifting on special occasions and wishing your loved ones love, light and joy in life.

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