5 Fun & Romantic Anniversary Surprise Ideas

Fun & Romantic Anniversary Surprises

Anniversary – the special day for celebrating your relationship demands attention surely. So, what all have you planned for your upcoming anniversary celebration? Is it only the classic gifts like flowers, cakes, and chocolates, or have you booked a 5-star restaurant to throw a lavish party? Gifts are mandatory but the way you are going to gift your partner/spouse is going to make a difference. For example, a normal cake would become more special if you greet right at 12 midnight. So on and so forth! Take a look here and unleash some fun romantic anniversary surprise gift ideas that would simply make your partner or spouse happy.

Start Your Celebration Early:

Celebrating the anniversary right on the date of the anniversary is passé! This time bring some more fun and romance to your special day by kick-starting your celebration earlier. A day earlier would be fine. Start with an evening together near the banks of a river and then follow that with the nice and warm home décor. Make something special for dinner and both of you should participate in the kitchen activity. Post that, have some fun game, and wake up early to catch the early morning sunrise and spend the day only with each other.

Paper Notes All Over The Wardrobe & Mirror:

This will be really fun! Take colorful sticky notes and write love notes on them. Now paste them all over the washroom mirror or wardrobe door. This will be really cute and interesting for your partner to read each and every note. You can be creative in this case and design “I Love You” with these sticky notes.

Go For A Picnic:

It would be fun and romantic to spend your anniversary in a picnic. Remember how picnics were enjoyed in childhood – spend this day with that fun! If you have children, then take them along and engage in various outdoor sports, fishing, or bird watching, etc. So, select a visually stunning location to enjoy your picnic. If you don’t have kids, then, you can go with some close friends or choose to spend time with each other. Stay close to nature, enjoy chit-chat, and keep your phones away!

Heart Shapes On Table:

The world of romantic gifts gives prominence to this heart shape. So, add fun to your anniversary day by bringing some amazing food that is served in heart-shaped plates, bowls, or prepared in heart-shaped molds. For example, the sprinkle of chocolate powder on a cup of coffee can be in the shape of a heart. You can spread ketchup or mayonnaise on bread or omelet in a heart shape.

Decorate Room With LED Balloons:

LED Balloons are the latest buzz and they will add some real fun and romance to your anniversary celebration for sure. Don’t wish your partner right at midnight or early morning and wait for the tension to build up. When he/she comes home in the evening, surprise with this unique romantic room decoration. You can follow up this surprise with yummy food, champagne, cake, or go for a long drive or leave for an unplanned trip later.

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