5 Electrifying Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

7 Electrifying Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day

Friendship Day is on 7th August, and it calls for a big celebration. Are you and your bestie on a hunt for celebration ideas? Or are you planning to surprise them? Whether it is the former or the latter, our electrifying ways to celebrate Friendship day will give you major goals and are perfect for a LIT affair! Take a look!

Go out for a Coffee Date

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Let the coffee kick in! One of the best Friendship day ideas for friends is to visit your favourite coffee shop and savour a hearty meal along with a cuppa! And, to make your pal feel special, you can surprise them with a Friendship Day band or personalised box of chocolates.

Plan a Sleepover

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Another one of the most creative ideas for Friendship day celebrations is to plan a sleepover with all your friends. Make the night memorable by doing things that excite all of you. You may relish delicious food from your fav outlet, binge-watch an old movie or spend the night watching the whole series that you have been planning for ages. To make it unforgettable, you can make your friends smile by surprising them with a stunning bunch of flowers at midnight.

Relax & Unwind Together

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Are you all excited to know about the most thoughtful Friendship day surprise ideas? Let’s straight away dive into it. You can get a soothing spa hamper for your friend and spend the day pampering each other. Remember, get a hamper that has face and body scrubs, masks, and a few mouth-watering snacks or chocolate-coated dry fruits. Put on the mask sheets, relish some snacks, play your soothing playlist and practise self-love along with your BFF.

Go all Creative

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It’s time for you to make your bestie feel that they mean the world to you. Take out your inner artist and create a scrapbook or write a letter for them. This will make them realise that you went that extra mile for them. Furthermore, both of you can sit together, and prepare a card or write a letter for each other and make the most of the day. If you don’t have that artistic side in you, then you can even get creative Friendship Day gifts. You can go for personalised mugs, personalised photo frames, engraved glasses and more.

Plan a Boozy Party

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If you want to make d-day memorable, then take out your best outfits and party hard with your BFF. You can even plan a house party, deck up the whole room, order a Friendship day theme cake, and party all night. Invite all your friends and have a blast.

We hope our list of Friendship day celebration ideas online has helped you out in planning a spectacular evening with your friends. So, call up your besties, jot down our ideas and celebrate the day like never before! Besides these celebration ideas, you can also check out our Friendship Day gift ideas and take some inspo before buying the right present for your friends!

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