10 Types of Friends Who Make Life Easier

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There is nothing more prized on this earth than true friendship. Each and every individual is different from one another and that’s why you would come across many types of friends. Some would pull you out of your depression, some would make you laugh out loud, some would trust you blindly, some would always pull your legs, some would always hog on your food and snacks, some would always advise you like a granny, some would bring out the best in you, etc. – this is a never-ending list. But all types of friends would give you some memories to keep in your safe forever.

Here is a list of 10 types of friends which you must have crossed in your life. Hold them, cherish them, and keep them your friends forever!

The “Always Broke” Friend:

Always Broke Friend

“I don’t have the money right now, but I promise once dad deposits the pocket money, I will return all the debts. So pay my part too.” And then that dad never drops that pocket money in his/her account and even if he does, the responsible son/daughter saves it for other important things. You would never get your share just like your other friends! But once in a blue moon if your stars are shining brightly, you may get some debts of nearly 2 years ago cleared. These are “Always Broke” friends who would always manipulate you to believe some saggy stories of the disturbed financial month! But that’s completely ok because what you share with your friend is beyond all calculation of money!

The Listener Friend:

Listener Friend

Although every type of friend is important in life, the most important one is definitely the “listener” friend. When you have to vent out your anger, frustration, or simply share a piece of news, this listener friend is always the best option. This person helps you calm down by not uttering a single word of Gyaan while you are narrating the problem. This person also doesn’t judge you or makes you feel small. This friend only listens and when you are done with your outburst, if you need, then only this friend speaks some comforting words of wisdom. Hats off to the patience!

The Gossip-Monger Friend:

Gossip Monger Friend

In all your chit-chat sessions, late night movie marathon, or in a meeting after years, you simply cannot miss the Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. Gossip Monger. All the latest gossips are in this person’s bag and very gleefully these gossips are presented. Some of these gossip mongers types of friends also have a melodramatic way of enacting these gossips. Their acting adds more fun to your meetings. Another notable characteristic of this person is that they don’t see normal and regular things normally. They have an interesting and theatrical way of looking into things and that’s why they are great gossip mongers and story-tellers. Who knows maybe in future, these friends of yours would turn into a money-spinner writer of some Ekta Kapoor kind of daily soaps!

The BBC/News Channel Friend:

BBC or News Channel Friend

The work of a News Channel is to spread the news like a wildfire! But just like the modern day News Channels, this friend never minds sensationalizing the news item a bit. For example, if a friend in the other room is vomiting, she may come to inform you that she has to be taken to a gynecologist as some pregnancy is suspected. This friend would over-exaggerate or over-sensationalize any piece of news! So, if you want to spread a positive or negative news among the crowd, never forget this friend. Nothing exists which this person doesn’t know and which doesn’t exist also tends to exist if this person spreads it! This friend therefore always has that firsthand information about anything and everything around you!

The Fashion Icon Friend:

Fashion Icon Friend

At the drop of the hat, he/she utters a brand name or a fashion designer’s name and that’s really cute sometimes and irritating at other times. Each and every one of us has some kind of likes and dislikes. This fashion icon friend eats, sleeps, and dreams of fashion and only fashion. Every day there would be something new in his/her wardrobe. So, whenever you have to attend some formal meeting or go for a wedding or go for a date – you know that you would be dressed far well than what you have ever thought just because of this friend whose wardrobe is open for you! This is also that friend who would take you to the best shops when you are stuck in your shopping session!

The Badass with Good Heart Friend:

Badass with Heart of Gold Friend

This friend is hard to find in the real world today. He/she is a complete badass who doesn’t respect the teachers or is always up to some kind of “DADAGIRI” but also carries a heart of gold. In all your A-Z problems, you would find these types of friends rock solid beside you. This is also that friend who hardly loses control even in delicate moments. So, this type of friends is great decision makers who know exactly what to do in every challenging phase. But this badass friend would hardly show his/her soft and emotional facet to you. Never leave the company of such a true friend.

The Crazy Adventurer Friend:

Crazy Adventurer Friend

If you once found yourself lying at the paddy field in the morning and it was hard to remember how you and your friends came there – it was basically for the overdose of hash and alcohol which your adventurer friend made you all do! You have enjoyed the terrific view of the city from the terrace of the topmost building in the city – it was because of this friend. If you feared heights and still tried that bungee-jumping – thank this friend because after that your fear just vanished. Name any crazy thing you ever did in life and your crazy adventurer friend was the one to initiate or arrange everything.

Jumping the hostel wall to catch up the night show or seating comfortably on a bus roof to enjoy the heavenly Mountain View – you have done it all and made memories to cherish forever. But without this friend, all these crazy, unusual, and golden memories wouldn’t have formed.

The Dainty Delicate Darling Friend:

Delicate Darling Friend

“Oh, Mamma …Help!” – This is their recurrent phrase in every challenge of life – from slipping down the stairs to getting a burnt finger while preparing tea. They just cannot lead a life alone. This types of friends would always need an expert advice from deciding anything in life. From choosing arts or commerce or choosing a phone cover – they seek an OK signal! They easily get affected by anything or anyone and eats up your head with silly questions. But they also have a soft heart who takes care of you when you are not well.

The Mummy of Everyone Friend:

Mummy of Everyone Friend

Every group of friends has that parent character who decides everything. In a war zone, this person takes the lead and defends everyone from the team. This is the most trustworthy friend and always has a suggestion for anything and everything in life. This person is more worried about you and the rest of the friends than the self. And that’s why he/she is popularly mocked as Mummy. This person scolds more and always advice on what’s right and what’s wrong!

The Mentor Friend:

Mentor Friend

This is that friend whom you look up to. You admire this person’s ideologies and way of living. Whenever you are with this person, you become the better version of yourself. This friend inspires you to achieve a goal and do some good work so that your life gets refined. To some extent, more than you, your parents and family members love this friend.

Before this Friendship Day knocks at the door on 5th August 2018, remember your pals and plan a surprise visit to their place or arrange a get-together. You can also send them some nice gifts from our website and raise a toast to your forever friendship!

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