Why Virgo is the Best Sign to be Born Under?


Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac whose time starts right on 23rd August and ends on 23rd September. Warren Buffett, Tim Burton, Paul Walker, Beyoncé Knowles, Prince Harry, Serena Williams, Michael Jackson, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Michael Faraday, Agatha Christie, etc. are some of the rich and famous people who belong to this Zodiac sign and with their body of work they have proved that they would always be remembered by people world over. How could they do so? Simple, by being the definition of hard work and perseverance. Read the blog and know why Virgo is the best sign to be born under.

Some Trivia about Virgo Personality:

Element: Earth

Quality: Mutable

Color: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Ruler: Mercury

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Pisces, Cancer

Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32

Date range: August 23rd – September 23rd

Strengths: Loyal, Analytical, Benevolence, Hard-Working, & Practical

Weaknesses: Shyness, Too Critical of self and others, all Work & No Play

Likes: Animals, Healthy Food, Books, Nature, & Cleanliness

Dislikes: Rudeness, Seeking help, & Being the Center of Attention

Virgo Policy is- Talk Less, Work More:

Virgos are those people who simply go ahead in life with an ambitious mind and prefer to work literally towards that goal. How? By talking less about it and let their results do all the talking. They religiously set their goals and with a strict self-discipline, they put their heart and soul into that direction to make their dreams a reality. This also means that Virgos are always 100% sure about what they want and uncertainty is never their cup of tea. They love to calculate on a practical level to come to a final decision and stick to that final decision- always! Thus, for your determined Virgo friend or relative, you can get a dumbbell-shaped water bottle as a birthday gift.

Success is their other name:

Virgos were simply born to win and rule. They are highly competitive in nature and mostly select the unobtainable goals. Then they work hard towards that goal and achieve great success. If a Virgo has dreamt of something, doesn’t matter how crazy or dangerous that can be- they would work towards that. That’s how they become role models for others. You would always find a Virgo personality working towards designing a better future for themselves, breaking the norms, and doing something different after every success. So, as a birthday gift for your darling Virgo, you can get him/her enrolled in a new course like pottery, any foreign language, dancing, baking, or candle making, etc.

Perfectionist is their Nickname:

Virgos set really a high standard for themselves and push their limits to reach the topmost position. That’s why you can call them a perfectionist – a crazy one! They are constantly critical and analytical of themselves because they want to attain something more than today. When someone criticizes them, they take those words inwards and dissolve that flaw they have. They are the perfectionists and like all perfectionists, they are organized too. System and method can be their second name and they simply cannot stand mess or clutter.

Their DNA is full of Facts, Figures, & Practicality:

Virgos have to see the thing to believe it. They simply don’t believe in gossip or hearsay. They would go and see themselves to find the truth. And if you think you can bend their mind with your words, then you are wrong. The evidence is everything for a Virgo and they conclude on something with the facts and figures. Virgos believe sternly in logic, facts, and figures because they are hardcore realists. That’s why you won’t find a Virgo riding on a piece of cloud and dreaming of building a house in heaven. Instead, they would stay grounded and build an empire here on the ground.

Honest & Humble, But Truthful & Brave:

Virgo personality is very honest and humble but that doesn’t mean that they cannot voice out the truth they believe in. They are fearless to stand by their set of truth. One of the finest qualities of a true Virgo is that they achieve so much in life but know how to stay humble. After so many accomplishments also, they are grounded in their skills and abilities. Now when it comes to honesty, you won’t find someone as honest as a Virgo. They would tell you exactly what and how they feel about you without any inhibition or intention because they have a clean heart. Words and things like manipulation or dishonesty simply don’t come in the closet of a Virgo. So, you can trust them blindly.

Incompetence & Stupidity Frustrates Virgo:

One of the strongest as well as finest qualities of a Virgo personality is that they get frustrated by incompetence and stupidity. They are generally calm and patient but suddenly they become cranky and irritating while too much vulgarity, carelessness, and stupidity creep in. They are always very serious about their work and what they want. And that’s why they simply don’t have time for any kind of bullshit at all. If your frequency doesn’t match up with theirs, they would prefer to walk away without wasting a single minute.

Virgo Is Self-Reliant AF:

Be it physically, emotionally, and financially – a Virgo personality is independent at all levels. They love to do things in their own way and achieve goals depending on the self. Instead of following the current trend or mingling with the crowd, Virgo prefers to hold their head high with their own thoughts and decisions. They don’t mind staying alone as that works better for them. In fact, Virgos are those people who take pride in getting things closed all with their hard efforts rather than depending on other resources. Virgos also belong to that rare breed of people who work smartly to enjoy the good result rather than depending on things like “chance” or “fate” or “good luck”.

Being Cool Outside while Broken Inside:

You will never find a Virgo at the verge of a breakdown. Because they are always as cool as watermelon from outside. One can never know what is going inside them. It is one of the bad habits of a Virgo personality that they pile up things in their mind and heart and hardly share that with people around them. In fact, a Virgo person would not show it when he/she is hurt or offended. It is a rare sight to find a Virgo person get down and dirty. And that too happens once in a blue moon when a Virgo is extremely angry.

Microscopic Eye & Investigative Mind:

However tough the problem may be, a Virgo would find a solution to it. They have an analytical mind and a set of microscopic eyes. This set of two helps them see things which others would usually miss. They give special attention to details so that the “big picture” looks better and beautiful. That’s why a Virgo is called when the situation is out of control because they can fix up everything. They carry a mind like Sherlock Holmes and judges a problem from all angles to come up with an objective solution. So, on their birthday this time, you can get a series of detective novels for them.

They Do Have a Wild Side:

As per all the discussed qualities of a Virgo personality, it seems like they are very reserved signs of the Zodiac. But there are times when they go all wild and only a lucky few observes that. Well, the fact is, they share that wild and frivolous side of their personality only in attendance of loyal and trustworthy friends. So, you can plan for a midnight cake delivery on your Virgo friends birthday and later go for an unplanned trip.

The world needs more Virgo personalities. Why? Because of their benevolent mind which is ever ready to do something for the sake of humanity. They invest time, energy, and money in not only sharpening their skills but also in making this world a better place. So, on their birthdays, it is your duty to make them feel special with our lovely gifts.


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