What does your Favorite Cake Say about your Personality?

if cake flavours could talk

We all love cakes but we all have that one favourite flavour that is just perfect for us. Do you know why? Because what you choose as your favourite cake, depends a lot on your personality type. Believe it or not, it does! A lot of times it so happens that you gift your favourite cake to your best friend so that you can eat more of it on his/her birthday! Clever! Though there are too many cake flavours out there, but we are going to be talking about the most common cake flavours that are loved by millions, if not less. Also, we have identified a song for each of the flavour types and we bet the next time you eat or gift a cake,  you’d be singing the same song!

Check out how your personality matches with your favourite cake flavour:

Chocolate Cake- The No Drama

chocolate cake

If you love chocolate cake, it is no secret that you are a kid at heart. But did you know that those who like chocolate cake, are emotional people who like fine things in life? It is very important for you to be emotionally satisfied with the things going on in your life. And this is the very reason you keep your distance from unpleasant people.

Truffle Cake- The Hard Worker

truffle cake

Did you know that truffle cake is not chocolate? So, if you like truffle cake, you are generally confused. It is difficult for you to make decisions, and that is just because you are always emotional. It is like you always try hard to please everyone around you because you do not want to hurt anyone. The reason for that could be that you are often misunderstood by people, but You are a hard worker who puts their heart & soul into what they do.

Red Velvet Cake- The Daring Ones

red velvet cake

If you are someone who loves red velvet cake, you love taking risks. While everyone was very skeptical of trying the flavour, you didn’t think once. It may seem like you are harsh, but you have a soft heart. Apart from being a classic romantic, you are good at hiding it. You just don’t show this side of your personality to the world.

Pineapple Cake- The Loyal Ones

pineapple cake

This cake is loved by the plain Janes. Pineapple cake lovers are sweet, consistent, simple and pretty old fashioned. With pineapple cake lovers, you can judge a book by its cover. You are a loyal person and like to believe it is good at everything. You take quick decisions as you are clear about what you want in life.

Butterscotch Cake- The Party Host


You take life the way it comes. You face hurdles like a pro, and find a way to turn them into a party. While you might seem boring to people, once they get to know you, they realize how interesting you are. The best thing about you is, you know how to keep things in balance, not only you keep everyone entertained, you know how to act in difficult situations, take firm decisions.

Black Forest Cake- Adulting Done Successfully

black forest cake

You are all about clarity and you know what you want in life – you’ve worked for it and you are satisfied with what you have. Also, you don’t find the need to be surrounded by people all the time, because you know quality matters, not quantity. And of course, you are not an introvert, but you know how to prioritize things in life. The one thing people love about you is that you always speak the truth, that too in a way where no one is hurt. It is all because you are mature enough to put it in a way, that people understand.

Fruit Cake- The Curious One

vanilla fruit cake

The most prominent trait of your personality is that you love to try new things. You are always looking for a new adventure in life. You are creative, highly motivated and keep your mind open. At first, people may not like you, but after a while, they tend to fall in love with you.

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