Valentine Specific First Date Advice

valentine specific 1st date advice

I remember when I had a first date on Valentine’s Day. This colleague had been asking me out, but we could never really match our watches. Then came Valentine’s Day, and we decided- yes why not? It was indeed one of the best dates of my life. The First Date is a lot of pressure, imagine the pressure you would have if you went on your first date on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some tips of what to do and what not to do if you have your first date with someone on Valentine’s:

Do not make a big deal out of it


While couples out there already have grand ideas to celebrate and are so in love, you need to understand that you two are meeting for your first date. It can not be a fairy tale Valentine’s Day. Make sure you both talk about it thoroughly before meeting up.

Plan a fun date


Attend a concert, bowling or maybe just eat someplace casual. But make sure it is something you both enjoy, you don’t really have to go for something really fancy.

Don’t talk about your Ex


It is natural to have a flashback of memories on Valentine’s Day. But you don’t have to talk about that your date. If you do, bet you will not have a second date!

Give them a simple gift


Don’t be a cheapskate and buy them just a card. Gift them something simple like a forever rose, a bag or a beautiful bunch of roses and chocolates as Valentine’s day Gifts.

Do not go all grand


Don’t go really grand by showering them with gifts, and spend way too much. It can be overwhelming for your date.

Pay attention and give them time


Make the other person feel wanted. Avoid using your phone as much as you can. Do not rush with things, give your date proper time and enjoy every moment of it.

Do not judge them


Understand that Valentine’s and first date together can be a lot of pressure, and it is very easy to goof up. Give your partner some time, and hear them out before you make any judgments.

Dress Appropriately


Wear something nice but not too shiny. Don’t go for something too casual, or something too fancy. A floral dress and sneakers would work for girls. While a plain black t-shirt and blue jeans would work for guys.

Don’t make it seem like really casual


You don’t make have to make it seem like it is a big deal but don’t make it seem like it is just another day. Make little gestures to make your partner feel special like pulling out the chair for the, and looking into their eyes while talking.

Do not get too drunk


You may go out for a drink or two with your partner, but make sure you do not get extremely drunk and start embarrassing your date.

Hope these tips work out for you, and you have a happy valentine’s day! ☺

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