Unique Ways to Decorate your Living Space with Succulents

Unique ways to decorate living space with Succulents

A home speaks the mind of the person who lives there. Everyone walking into your living space gets a reflection of your personality. This is known to all and that’s why more or less everyone tries to keep their space clean, neat, and organized in their own ways. There are many things available in the market that can be used to elevate the beauty of your living space and succulents are one of them.

Keeping the look of the living space minimalistic yet elegant is the new cool. The best thing about succulents is that they eat up less space, require minimal care, and have decorative leaves or stems. Another interesting fact is that succulents don’t require direct or constant sunlight and thus you can place them anywhere in your living space.

Read below and know the unique ways to decorate your living space with succulents.

Glass Jar Terrariums along wall shelves

Glass Jar succulents

Take thick glass jars and fill them with colourful stones followed by soil. Then put a decorative succulent like echeveria or flaming katy in them. Keep these beautiful jars on your wall shelves. Imagine a sofa set in your living room and just above the sofa place wooden shelves maintaining a distance. These glass jar terrariums with succulents in them would look perfect in this setting.

Succulents with cobblestones on a coffee table

succulents with cobblestone

Take a rectangular clear glass vase and fill it up first with a well-drained soil followed by white cobblestones. Keep holes at the base of the vase so that there is no stagnancy of water. Now, you can place this succulent on your coffee table right in the middle. You can opt for moon cactus or jade plant for this décor idea.

Cage decoration with succulents near the window

cage decoration of succulents

If you have a medium to a large window in your living space you can go with this interesting decoration. You need to take an antique-looking metal cage and fill its bottom with clumps of preserved sphagnum or peat moss that will serve as a securing agent for the succulents. Place donkey tail succulent inside it and watch it grow beautifully. Placed near the window this succulent with receive partial sunlight and would add much drama to your home décor. Plus, your space will also look bigger.

Vertical gardening of succulents 

vertical succulents

Choose any segment of your living space and place small colourful pots of succulents vertically. You can invest a whole wall to vertical gardening and keep two columns for succulents like Aloe Vera, roseum, panda plant, etc. The rest of the columns can be herbs, air-purifying plants, etc.

Hanging succulents

hanging succulents

You can use succulents like the string of pearls, the string of bananas, or Calico Kitten and use hanging planters to beautify your living space. Use the area under the stairs or above your sofa or divan to place these succulents and enhance the natural appeal of your space.

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