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Types of Soil that are best for nourishing Money Plant

Soils that are best for money plant

Ever walked into a room and been mesmerised by the lush vines of a money plant? If you said ‘yes’ then you are not alone in this! Featuring air-purifying qualities, money plants can thrive in a variety of conditions. If we try to know the reason behind it then one of the secrets of keeping a money plant nourished and vibrant is its soil. A money plant’s beauty depends a lot on what type of soil is chosen for it! For more clarity, let’s explore the types of soils, most suitable for money plants making them happy and green!

Well-Draining Potting Mix

Firstly, a well-draining potting mix is a crucial soil for many plants including indoor plants like the money plant and succulents. Money plants thrive in soil that doesn’t hold onto excess moisture and this well-draining mix exactly does that! It is a combo of soil and other components assuring the water flows through it and reaches the roots.

Cactus or Succulent Soil

Secondly, cactus or succulent soil for money plants is something you must consider. This soil mix ensures amazing drainage. These mixes contain coarse sand, pumice, or perlite and they are formulated to drain fast. Moreover, the grainy texture of cactus soil prevents water logging around the roots keeping it healthy from fungal infections.

DIY Soil Mix

If you are an enthusiast and love to try your hands in making a soil mix then creating your own soil mix could also give you the best soil for money plant. All you have to do is combine potting soil, sand and a little peat moss in a ratio of 2:1:1. This mix will ensure that the soil is light and airy to support healthy root development.

Aroid Mix

For the true plant enthusiasts, an aroid mix is a perfect choice. Aroid mix includes a fusion of pine bark, perlite and sometimes orchid bark. This combination helps to maintain moisture retention without affecting the drainage.

Standard Potting Soil with Enhancements

If you want an easy way out to keep your money plants nourished then a good-quality standard potting soil can meet the needs of your money plant. Just combine potting soil with perlite or pumice in a ratio of 3:1:1. We bet, with this simple mix you will see a significant difference in the health of your money plant.

So, that’s how important it is to choose the right soil for your money plants. Whichever way you would like it, all that matters is that your plant is getting the perfect soil environment which is well-draining, aerated, and rich in organic matter. Even if you are buying money plants for gifts, simply share this information with the receiver and let them witness what a healthy and nourishing money plant looks like.

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