Top 8 Gift Ideas for Bhaidooj

Ideas For Bhai Dooj Gifts

Bhaidooj is one of the most special occasions in the country that symbolizes the everlasting affection and love between brothers and sisters. Bhaidooj usually involves sisters putting the ceremonial tikka on the foreheads of their brothers along with performing aartis and pujas for the well-being of their brothers. The brothers in turn pray for their sisters’ happiness and give them exciting gifts. Sumptuous meals are usually prepared for the brothers as well. With Bhai Dooj on the anvil, it is important to come up with some innovative gifts with which to surprise your sibling.

Here are the top 8 gift ideas for Bhai Dooj:

Personalized Mugs– Make Bhai Dooj celebrations more fulfilling for your brother/sister with personalized mugs. Nothing conveys creativity and ingenuity better than a customized mug where you can use your favorite picture of your sibling. This makes for a delightful item that he/she will treasure for a long time indeed! There are several material choices including porcelain, ceramic, stainless steel and plastic.


Personalized Photo Frames– Photo Frames are anyway some of the most endearing gifts on many an occasion and Bhai Dooj can also be a part of the list. Choose the most heartwarming picture of you and your brother/sister and put it on the photo frame that you choose. There are photo frames in diverse shapes and sizes and this is one gift that will definitely put a smile on your sibling’s face this Bhaidooj.


Dry Fruits– These make for the perfect gifts for brother who love their snacks! Dry Fruits are inextricably linked with special occasions and festivities and make for really tempting snack options as well. Choose from delectable almonds, walnuts, pistachios, cashew nuts, raisins and more! There are several exquisitely designed dry fruit hampers available as well.


Personalized Cushions– You can always surprise your dear brother/sister with a personalized cushion. This is one of the wackiest yet delightful gifting options that you can opt for. These cushions can be intricately personalized with images of you and your sibling and you can choose several designs and themes for the same.


Chocolate and Flower Combos– There are several flower and chocolate combos that you can opt for online. Bhaidooj is all about merriment and hence some lip-smacking chocolates will definitely work fabulously on this occasion along with gorgeous and soothing flowers.


Cookies N More– How about a platter full of delicious and freshly baked cookies for your dear brother? Your sister or brother will certainly love cookies in diverse flavors and types. Cookies make for really sweet surprises and promise to tantalize the taste buds of your siblings to perfection on Bhaidooj. Combine them with chocolates and a cute soft toy for the perfect gift surprise.


Perfumes– There are several options available online in terms of perfumes and deodorants that you can pick from. In case of men, there are several deodorants that you can choose as gifts while brothers can gift perfumes paired with other cosmetics to their sisters. You can pair up your gift with something innovative like a mug or pen set as well.


Beautiful Indoor Plants– Is your sibling facing higher stress on account of his/her job and other factors? Gift him/her a lovely indoor plant on Bhaidooj. Choosing the right air purifying plant will help cleanse the air inside. Plants go a long way towards lowering stress levels. You can pick from options like Lucky Bamboo, Money, Syngonium, Areca Palm or Lily plants among others.


Tell your brother how much he means to you!

These are some of the most innovative, heartwarming and effective gift ideas for Bhaidooj. Go all out to surprise your sibling with exciting bhaidooj gifts and make him/her feel loved and extra special!

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