Top 6 Innovative Ways To Celebrate Daughters’ Day

innovative ways to celebrate daughters' day

“A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give.”
-Laurel Atherton

Growing older, my parents were my friends, yet they worried too much at times like when I first started driving, my first day of college, and especially when I first introduced to my boyfriend. At such moments I never understood why they were so cool with things yet sometimes they acted overprotectively. I only understood the day my daughter was born. It was the first time I held my little angel in my arms, her little hands reached out to grab my finger, and looked at me with her innocent face. That very moment, I felt like I wanted to give her every happiness in this world and protect her from every hurt in this world. I understood that why did my parents act over-protective at times. They were just trying to make sure I don’t get hurt, and they still do.

My mom taught me a lot of pranks, and my favourite person to implement them on was my dad. He often said, “You’re a not an Angel, you’re diabolical!” I know he didn’t really mean it when the first time he said, “You’re not my daughter, you’re a part of my heart.”

Now I understand how important Daughters are to parents, and that they deserve to be celebrated.

Here are 6 innovative ways to celebrate your daughter on National Daughters’ Day:

1. Food Fiesta

cook with her

Going out for a brunch or dinner with your daughter sounds like a good idea, but how about cooking together? Cooking is therapeutic and it helps one to express their creativity. Let her express herself in the kitchen without any guidelines. Cook her favourite meal together, and bond over dough and cocoa powder. If not cook together, you can chaperone a meal for her. Make her feel like the princess she is.

2. Teach Her Something

teach her something

With our busy schedule, we often forget to have fun with our kids. We forget to listen to what they want, like teaching a bicycle or a board game. Teach your daughter something she has been wanting to learn for a long time- a bicycle, a car, a board game, a video game, a dish, to dance, playing cricket, or anything she wants to learn. What can be a better gift for a daughter, other than the gift of time & virtue?

3. Plan A Day Out

day out with her

Does your daughter love shopping? Take her shopping. Does your daughter love to be pampered? Take her to a spa. Does your daughter love movies? Take her for a movie. Is she fond of historical things or cars? Take her to a museum. Does she love swings? Take her to an amusement park. It is very simple, spend a day out with her doing things she loves to. Plan a few activities, hang out with her like a friend and click silly selfies.

4. Shower Her With Thoughtful Gifts

photo frame

Shower your daughter with her favourite things. Did she just start college or office? Gift her a personalised diary. You could redecorate her room with personalised gifts on daughters day like mugs, cushions, and frames. Does she stay stressed put? Add plants to her room which will help her sleep better. Does she love sweets? Order her a cake. And thoughtful gifts are a great idea if she lives in a different city in the country. You can send these thoughtful gifts just to remind her how much you miss her. Send her daughters day gifts to make her smile.

5. Learn Something From Her

learn something

You blink your eye and your little girl turns into a young lady. Time passes by so fast, which is why it is very important to know who she is. Learn something your daughter loves to do. Does she love to dance? Learn a few steps from her. Does she play an instrument? Learn a song from her. Does she love playing basketball? Learn a few tricks from her. This will not only make her feel like you interested in her life but will motivate her and feel more confident.

6. Visit An Orphanage Or An NGO

visit an orphanage

Regardless of the presence of parents, every girl is a daughter. Celebrate with the ones who do not have the privilege to be around their parents. Let them know that they will always be daughters to this world, loved & respected in the same way as every girl in this world. Take your daughter along, and this will help her learn empathy. Spread the love.

Celebrate your angel, and make her feel special.

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