Top 6 Cake Baking Myths Busted

cake baking myths busted

“Baking is therapy.” – Paul Hollywood

There is no doubt about the fact that baking is therapeutic, and this fact has been proved by the psychologists. While you are baking you know that you’re going to make comfort food. Moreover, baking is a way to express yourself creatively and it is believed that there is a strong connection between emotional well-being and creative exposure.

I love to bake. And my favourite is cake baking. Initially, it was more like a race to bake the perfect cake by following the recipes, and yet it did not come outright. I believed in all the baking myths, and not myself.

Here Are 6 Baking Myths I Learned In My Journey of Baking:

Measuring Spoons & Cups

Baking Cups

Baking Myth– It is very important to use measuring spoons and cups, and they are always accurate.

Baking Truth– Proper measuring of baking ingredients is very important for baking a delicious cake, but you can not always trust the measuring spoons and cups. Measurements defined by the law are not enforced, which means these can vary by 25%. It is advisable to use a kitchen scale researches show they are more reliable.

Opening the Oven Door


Baking Myth– Do not open the oven door until the cake is fully baked, otherwise, the cake will be ruined.

Baking Truth– I get excited while baking, and it is very tempting to open the oven door. It is tough to hold that instinct, but for a perfect cake, I always stopped myself. Well off course it is very important to maintain the oven temperature, so opening the door might let the heat escape. But a little a quick peek will not have any effect on the process. Just make sure not to keep it open for long.

Preheating The Oven

Pre-Heat the oven

Baking Myth– For a properly baked cake, always preheat the oven.

Baking Truth– Many recipes may state that you need to preheat the oven, but the truth is- it is not mandatory! Well, it may not be completely false, it is based on the type of oven you have. It is for the fan-forced ovens, they do not need to be preheated as they heat up pretty quickly. Also, the foods that bake for over an hour or at a temperature of 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or less do not need a preheated oven.

Margarine & Fluffy Cakes

Butter Vs Margarine

Baking Myth– Margarine helps bake fluffier cakes and is a healthy replacement for butter.

Baking Truth– Margarine may have a little effect on the fluffiness but since it is high on water content than butter, it dilutes the batter. This leads to compromise the taste of the final product. Moreover, if you compare the calories of butter and margarine, there isn’t much difference. Maybe, you could use a mixture of both?

Baking Soda & Baking Powder Last Forever

Baking Soda

Baking Myth– It is believed that baking soda and baking powder do not have an expiry date, and can be used for eternity.

Baking Truth– One of the most important ingredients of baking is baking soda and baking powder, and should not be ignored. Just like other ingredients, they age too. It is only good for a year. After that its efficiency decreases. If you’re still doubtful about it, you can take a spoonful of baking soda and mix it with a glass of water, if you see bubbles- it is still effective.

Alcohol Bakes Off


Baking Myth– Alcohol evaporates while baking it.

Baking Truth– A single piece of a rum cake won’t make you tipsy, but it does not mean the alcohol has been evaporated completely. When you cook alcohol, it is only 50% of the alcohol may evaporate and with cakes, it is even less because of the thicker batter.

When something helps you relieve stress, you shouldn’t worry about it being perfect, or follow a protocol and believe to every myth people tell you. It is something for you to enjoy and ease your anxieties. So, go ahead and bake away your worries.


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