The Famous Dialogues Of Every Indian Mom

Famous Dialogues of Mom

It’s true that the love of a mother is greater than everything else in this world. The love of moms for their children is unconditional and they always have a unique way of expressing their love towards their kids. Having said that, it is also true that Indian moms are quite melodramatic. To correct their child or to show their denial to any proposal, moms come up with dialogues that are sarcastic, sentimental, angry, and sometimes cynical. These dialogues make us all believe that all the moms are the same. Their mock anger or bitter-sweet taunts have been a large part of everyone’s childhood.

Take a look below at some of the famous funny dialogues of Moms:

When Will You Grow Up?

When Will You Grow Up?

She utters this dialogue out of frustration in any situation. When she finds you misbehaving with a relative, she will drag you to a corner and say this dialogue. When she finds your room in an utter mess, she will say this dialogue. In the kitchen, when you make a map of Australia in the name of Roti, she will utter her dialogue again. Basically, all the times when you do not act your age, you may be at the receiving end of this dialogue. Well, at times when she sees you act like a mature person, her eyes fill up with tears of love and pride and she murmurs “When did you grow up so much?”

No Child In This Neighbourhood Is A Brat Like You:

No one is a brat like you

When you and your siblings make noise or when you play cricket for long hours ignoring home tasks or when you watch TV forgetting about the school test – Mom will say this famous dialogue. She will compare you with all the good kids in the neighborhood and make you feel terrible. There will be a good 10-15 minute monologue followed by this dialogue. But with this constant comparison, she actually prepares you for the competitive world and you should be thankful for the same.

Wake Up, its Noon (& It is Hardly 7 A.M.):

Get Up

This is a trick which every mom applies without feeling guilty at all. On one hand, she will teach the kids not to lie at all and on the other hand, she will gleefully lie every day. It’s really hilarious and till date, the historians and researchers have not found any reason behind this lie. She will wake you up at 7 A.M. saying that it is 10 A.M. and the tone of 10 A.M. seems real. You spring up on your bed thinking that you are late, but, then when you see the clock, you understand that it’s just another trick. If this trick doesn’t work, then she will switch off the fan (in summer and switch on in winter).

First Get Married & Then You Are Free To Do Anything!!

First get married

Once you cross that delicate 18 and enter adulthood, another famous dialogue is ready by then. Remember that you are an adult only in the eyes of the government. To your mom, you are still “just born yesterday”. Anything from “going to a picnic out of the station with friends” to “going to a pub at late night” – need to go through this remark. This remark is specially kept for unnecessary adult demands. Go and ask for any permission, she will have this cryptic answer.

Giving Birth To You Was Perhaps The Biggest Mistake of My Life:

Mom Dialogue

When you disappoint her badly, she will get all teary-eyed, and utter this highly emotional dialogue in a broken voice. She may also mouth this dialogue in rage and in a loud voice. Both the ways, she lets you know that you have done something wrong. If she sees hidden coins or notes under your bed or when she catches you smoking for the first time – she will say these dialogues.

I Do Not See A Bright Future For You!

I dont see a bright future for you

You bring a report card that is not so glorious and has red underlines in them, she will say this pessimistic dialogue. Your whole future now depends on a good grade and in case you fail to score well, then, according to her, you will end up frying fritters at the end of the road or drive an auto rickshaw. By saying this, she wants you to understand the value of education so that you can do well for yourself!

Am I Your Mom or You Are Mine?

I am the Mom

Suppose your mom made a pizza for you at home and you are pinpointing about the cheese & oregano – you will listen to this dialogue. When she is getting ready to attend a party and if you try to teach her about makeup or styling, then also you will end up hearing this famous dialogue from her.

You Kids Have No Shame At All – Right?

You kids have no shame

When you party all night bluffing your mom; when she discovers your little secret (about anything); or when she told you to behave well at a relatives place but still you ended up fighting with someone – this is her favorite dialogue. If she catches you and your siblings sleeping more during exam days, she will again say this dialogue.

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