Tea Leaves For An Ever Budding Garden

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Tea Leaves for Garden

After being an essential part of our routine, tea leaves are reused as a pro-biotic element for plants globally. Like humans, plants too frequently need to be nourished with natural components which can aid their immune system, growth and speed up their absorption power. So, the next time you are about to throw away the used tea leaves, don’t forget to read about how this waste can be an exceptional food for your potted plants.

Boon For Acid-Loving Plants:

When we mention acid-loving plants, we are talking about plants like spinach, marigold, daffodils, potato etc. Tea leaves carry acids like citric acid and tannic acid. If your soil has low alkaline, then these leftover tea leaves would enrich the plants providing them the missing alkalinity. Thus, your flowering plants would bloom and the vegetable plants would yield better results. At last, acid also helps correct the absorbing power of plants from the soil.

Homemade Fertilizer:

Not all people know that other than buying the market available fertilizers, you can use tea leaves as a homemade natural fertilizer rather than throwing it in the bin once used. Mixing used tea leaves in the top layer of soil or in the bottom layer of house plants or pouring the strained tea leaves water in the soil would provide nutrients like nitrogen (helps in the process of photosynthesis as well as break down protein) and potassium (promotes absorption of water, good enzymes, produce ATP).

Increases Nitrogen:

The absence of an ability to directly absorb nitrogen from the air has always been a bane for plants. Nitrogen is one of the most important nutrients for plants since it aids smooth photosynthesis process as well as strengthens the ability to break down protein. Therefore, mixing the tea leaves waste in the soil would help your garden bloom with greenery.

Ward Off Harmful Pests:

The most harmful enemy for plants has always been pests which are parasites. All your hard work would vanish in a second in presence of these pests. So, add some tea leaves or spray the tea leave liquid fertilizer in the soil. This practice would provide relief to your plants from pests and secure their life cycle.

Strengthen Immunity of Plants:

Just like the human immunity system, plants too need to maintain the strength of their immune system in order to grow, blossom, fruit and continue their factory work daily. Outside forces like pests hit the core of the immune system of plants. The pests weaken the backbone of plants and shorten their life cycle. Tea leaves contain the three prime nutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). These nutrients strengthen the center of your plants, leaving them all leafy and flowery.

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