Stunning Flowering Plants that also Boost your Mood

Mood Boosting Flowering Plants

Flowers not only denote beauty and charm but are powerful too. The fragrance of flowers is known to boost up the mood. There are various reasons like illness, stress, sleep-related disorders, improper diet, lack of proper oxygen to the body, etc that can have an effect on our mood. All these problems can be solved when you surround yourself with beautiful plants

The quality of sleep improves in the presence of certain flowering plants and when you have a great sleep your focus would improve and you won’t crib for small things which otherwise lead to a bad mood. The bright flowers produce positive emotions while the plant as a whole enhances the supply of oxygen in the atmosphere that makes one feel better. The fragrance coming from flowering plants helps one stay cheerful all through the day.

Take a look at some of the stunning flowering plants that will make you feel happy:



Lavender is a widely popular flowering plant that is used profusely in the medicine and cosmetics industry. You must have heard or seen videos where lavender oil is dropped on the pillow for better sleep. If you bring a lavender plant at home, you will see the amazing result within 10-15 days. It can grow in poor to moderately fertile soil with the addition of good fertilizer and requires good sunlight. So, you can grow that in your balcony and keep a stem of lavender in your bedroom for good sleep. Or simply sit near that plant whenever your mood is off.



This is one of the best fragrant flowers. Sleep is one of the prime requirements of a body without which the mood is hugely affected. Keeping gardenia in the bedroom is thus a great idea. It requires indirect sunlight and with regular watering and care it will give you the best results. Gardenias work as a natural sedative and you will gain much in the presence of this flower.



Chrysanthemums are believed to be great stress busters and mood boosters. The bright coloured chrysanthemums have a positive effect on the minds of people and one can also use the petals in their tea to enjoy more benefits of this flowering plant and stay joyful all the time.

Peace Lily:

Peace Lily

The best thing about the peace lily flowering plant is that it removes all the major indoor air pollutants which is why one automatically feels better in the presence of this plant. So, when there are no toxic elements in the air, the mood is bound to remain ecstatic. Another great thing about this flowering plant is that it requires minimal care and thus any adversity can be digested by it.



Just like gardenia and lavender – the primary work of jasmine is to provide you with a night of sound sleep. Without a night of good sleep, the level of stress, anxiety, depression, and worries would increase leading to a permanent mood off maybe. Jasmine flowering plants help in lowering anxiety or stress, reducing blood pressure by spreading a peaceful vibe, and improving your quality of sleep. If you don’t have a large space to accommodate jasmine vine, you can opt for the dwarf version of it. With even moisture, sunny weather, and two times fertilizer per year would yield you great results. A group of scientists has come to the conclusion that when you smell jasmine, the beta waves in your brain increases which leads to better mood and improved productivity.



A study proves that when people are in the vicinity of roses – it helps them in decreasing high pressure and promoting relaxation. Thus, when you are upset due to some reasons – a rose would calm you down. Roses are perennial and therefore you can enjoy the beautiful view all around the year.



Orchids are powerful flowering plants that bloom all through the year. The calming colors and scent of orchids enhance positive energies. Thus during your gloomiest days – you will find a beautiful ray of hope and that will help you immensely to recover from your bad mood.

So, next time you are unhappy for some reason, don’t throw tantrums, take medicine, or stay aloof from the world. Just bring these gorgeous flowering plants and see how easy is it to stay calm, composed, and jubilant.


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