Reasons why you Hate & Love your Younger Sibling

Reasons why you Hate & Love your Younger Sibling

Angel or Devil? What do you call your younger siblings? It completely depends on the current equation you share with them and believe us when we say it is dynamic. They are the angels when they save us from our parent’s scolding. And, they are the devils when they spill out our secrets, they earn the title of being the ‘Devil. But, the tiffs don’t matter as the affectionate bond rules all over. All in all, our relationship with our younger sibling is of love and hate. So, let’s discuss the reasons why you hate and love your Chota Bhai or Behan!

Papa ki Pari or Mom ka Raj Dulara

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They are the youngest, and it is quite obvious that they will get all the love. And, don’t you just hate them for this? On the other hand, even you pamper them a lot!

Always in the Limelight

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Whether your younger sibling just got straight As or learnt how to swim, they always get all the compliments. From your parents to your relatives, everyone is always impressed with them! But, still, you love them for all that they are achieving, and when they mention your name as you taught them Grammar or Maths, then you feel like bombarding them with kisses.

The Clothes Struggle

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They somehow have all the right to wear your clothes. Your parents will tell you that sharing is caring and you just have to let them wear your favourite t-shirt. How can you love them now? They are the younger ones, and they are always up to date with the new trends and they indeed help you in wearing the latest styles. They are your fashion consultants!

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