My Dad ……. My Superhero

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My Dad...My Superhero

When a child is born, a father is also born. When a man becomes a father, he starts feeling a strong conviction to nurture and protect his child. He often surprises himself with the efforts he puts to support his kids at every step. Fatherhood is all about possessing extraordinary powers to juggle several fatherly responsibilities. That makes fathers no less than a superhero.

Every time someone mentions the word ‘dad,’ it brings back memories of precious moments I share with my father, the way he used to pamper me with his unconditional love and all the values he taught me. I can never forget my first day at school. I was crying badly holding my dad’s finger and refused to enter the class. My dad looked me in the eyes and promised that he won’t go anywhere and wait for me outside the class. When the school got over and I came out, he was waiting for me outside as he promised. And I cannot express my joy in words when he held me in his arms and said, he’ll always be there for me, come what may. At such a young age, I may not have understood the strength of his love but now whenever I remember that incident, it leaves me teary-eyed and makes me proud of my dad.

Be it my science project or football class, my dad has been always around to offer every possible bit of help and motivation. During my exam time, he used to wake up before me so that I could get up on time and revise my syllabus. And he was never embarrassed about going out with me even when I was obsessed with Barbie fever and used to dress up like her in my tween years. My father always told me that I was the most beautiful girl in the whole world and he is the luckiest dad in the world to have a daughter like me. He used to surprise me with the ease he solved difficult problems that seemed never-ending to me. He saved me from making mistakes and kept me from failing. My dad created a positive world around me full of opportunities and possibilities that gave me a chance to explore and grow as an individual.

My dad surely did not climb the hundred-floor building or saved an entire city like the superhero do that we all see in films. But he always does ordinary things in extraordinary ways with a smile on his face that makes him a superhero in my eyes.

With Father’s Day approaching, people out there must be in search of unique and thoughtful gift ideas. Celebrating with superhero cakes is a great way to make Father’s Day special and memorable.

Superman Cake:

Superman Cake

Superman is known to help people and save them from trouble all the time. Just like dads who help their kids overcome the problems of life and stand by their side through thick and thin.  

Batman Cake:

Batman Cake

Batman is known to have a genius-level intellect who is able to function under great physical pain. Just like our dads who have genius solutions to all our problems and never stop making efforts to make our lives better, no matter how tough or stressed their life becomes.  

Spiderman Cake:

Spiderman Cake

Spiderman is known for his strength, speed, and ability to cling to walls. Our dads may not actually climb the walls but they never mind to travel miles with us in the journey of life.  

These cakes are best to express the emotion ‘My Dad Is My Hero’ and fill Father’s Day celebrations with fun and excitement.


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