My Bitter Sweet Relationship With Cakes

My Bitter Sweet Relationship With Cakes

“I don’t think I can carry on with you if we keep on fighting for everything”

His words were eating me alive and to be honest I was scared. I waited my whole life for true love and now that I had it, I wanted it to last forever. Varun & I have been in a relationship for 5 years now. 3 years live-in and 2 years long distance as he moved to Australia on a work assignment. I am a full-time engineer and have odd working hours and due to the time difference, it becomes difficult sometimes to even have a decent conversation.

My constant fear of him falling in love with someone else in Australia also keeps me awake. Not that I don’t trust him but you know how it is these days. I also want to apologize to him for my recent actions so that he knows that I did not mean those mean things I said. I started thinking as to what could make him happy & forgive me. And, I did not want to send a cliched ‘I am sorry’ card or a bouquet of flowers.

I wanted something that could make him see that I love him. And then it clicked! Once Varun had told me that apart from me, cakes made him happy! Yes, you read it right! The guy is crazy for cakes and can eat any amount without stopping. Now since I can’t go there in a day, I thought of surprising him by sending him a cake baked by me. (I was in my I-am-a-good-chef-phase of life).

Varun is extremely picky when it comes to cakes and his favorite flavor is Tiramisu. Did you know that Tiramisu is an Italian word which means ‘cheer me up’? So I thought the Italian Gods were on my side. It is a coffee flavored dessert and it is not easy to make. I googled, I Youtubed, I spent hours trying to figure out a simple and easy to make Tiramisu (tih-ruh-mee-SOO) cake recipe but I failed. Then, I finally agreed to send him the cake online to Australia. I checked with my local courier company but they said they won’t deliver perishable goods. And moreover if they do they were charging me a fortune for it and lead time was 7 days. I wanted to surprise him now and not when sorry lost its meaning.

While I was researching online I came across a lot of websites that were delivering cakes to Sydney. But Tiramisu was not available with some of them. Some were delivering it in 3 days and were charging up to 5k for it. (This sorry was going to cost me a lot) Some had bad reviews and some just extremely bad images that it made me doubt the quality. Then I came across classic tiramisu cake by Ferns N Petals. It just ticked all the boxes for me. They were delivering it the next day in Sydney and the price was in my budget. I filled in the details and you also have an option to add a free message card along with the cake.

I poured my heart out in 250 characters (with spaces). The best part is that Ferns N Petals has secure payment options so I was not apprehensive to add my card details. I quickly placed the order and got a confirmation about the same. It was as smooth as cutting through a slice of cake! All I hope is that Varun loves my surprise and I get the call soon that. “Hey, Babe! I love the cake and I Love you. It’s all good!

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