Know Why Lucky Bamboo is called Lucky

lucky bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is an immensely popular indoor plant. The fact that it is a fuss-free and low maintenance plant makes it widely acceptable in people’s homes and offices. Also, not to forget is the “good luck” factor it brings in the lives of millions. So, there is a general curiosity regarding this plant.

The presence of 5 elements makes this plant a good-luck enhancing one. All these 5 elements are found in perfect balance in this plant making it the best plant to restore peace, prosperity, and good luck in life. Check the positive aspects these 5 elements bring to life through lucky bamboo plants.


  • This element is the symbol of new life, great communication, and the immense power of the mind.
  • It is connected to the mind, wisdom, and spirit of the soul.
  • The vibrations of air create great prospects for finance, career, and personal power.
  • Air element brings balance in various other spheres of life. By nature, the air is never static- it always moves from one direction to another. So, air as an element in lucky bamboo also makes one strong to adapt to changes.


  • Water symbolizes good intention, purity, love, happiness, flexibility, and gratitude.
  • The human body is primarily made of water and therefore our beings already resonate with water. The presence of lucky bamboo in your home will make you recognize the power of the water element intimately.
  • Due to the prevalence of water elements in lucky bamboo, you become more compassionate and that heals your relationships.
  • Also, the intuitive powers, self-confidence, and discipline come to life with the water element.


  • Earth symbolizes a solid foundation, fertility, and nurture.
  • It is a static element that fills people with abundance.
  • The earth element facilitates all manner of manifestation by putting down deep roots from which the dreams grow into reality.
  • The energies coming out of the earth element never lets people hide from their roots and encourages to keep the garden of life free of weeds.


  • The basic work of fire is creation, destruction, and transformation. To get somewhere, one needs to destruct and transform to create. All these are inter-related and when a lucky bamboo is placed at your place – you will see these three working like magic.
  • Those lacking determination and passion will benefit from the fire element a lot.
  • The fire element also engines the creative energies and therefore one can shine beautifully in his/her professional life.
  • This fire element also helps in achieving overall great health and fulfill ambitions in life.


  • This element provides an inner strength of steel, unstoppable self-confidence, and desire to succeed in life.
  • In lucky bamboo, all these elements work in great partnership and balance. Metal equates well with water and when they associate, they help in improving financial situations and provides protection.
  • Metal when reacting with earth- work towards bringing a great understanding in relationships.
  • This metal element also endows people with great decision-making power.

Now, when you know the reasons behind lucky bamboo being lucky – I am sure, you will want more of it at your place or for your loved ones.

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