Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth Fasting Tips for Women

Karwa Chauth Fasting Tips for Women

Can pregnant women or unmarried people keep a Karwa Chauth fast? What is the right way of keeping the sacred Karwa Chauth fast for your Humsafar? Is your mind baffled up by all these questions about Karwa Chauth? Don’t worry. Get ready to nail the fast like a pro by jotting down our Karwa Chauth fasting tips. We have covered the basics and the integral parts for all of the beautiful women and men who are up for fasting on this special day. Take a look!

Tips for Pregnant Women

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  • Consult your gynaecologist and take their permission before keeping the fast.
  • Start with a heavy Sargi and try eating sweets and milk. This heavy meal will provide nutrients to your body and will prepare you for the whole day.
  • Try having fruits and juices every two hours.
  • Spend the whole day engrossed in your favourite activities like reading, watching series, etc.
  • You can also relax your body by sleeping in idle hours.
  • While opening the fast, don’t have food that is oily and has a lot of sweetness as this may cause indigestion.

Tips for Unmarried Women

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  • Start your fast with a glass of milk and a filling meal. If you don’t have Sargi, then you can have a heavy meal at 4 am just like the married women do.
  • According to the traditions, unmarried women don’t need to fast for the whole day without having water. So, you can drink water and have fruits after 11 am.
  • Break the fast after seeing the pole star instead of the moon.

Tips for Newly-Weds

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  • Shop for all the essentials like pooja thalis, your outfit, and more a day or two before the d-day.
  • Book a spa session or manicure or pedicure session for the d-day so that you can stay busy and avoid thinking about food.
  • Start your day with Sargi and milk at 4 am. Avoid having food items that are high in sugar as they aggravate the hunger pangs.
  • Open your fast with a glass of water, a piece of sweet and dry fruits. Later, you can have a lavish meal and celebrate with your Humsafar.
  • Drink 3 to 4 glasses of water so that you can hydrate your body.

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