Take A Cue From Bollywood to Propose Your Love This Valentine’s Day

Proposing the Bollywood Way

Bollywood is 105 years old and for most of the years and till now also, Bollywood mostly churns “romantic” movies. It can be a social drama, comedy, thriller, or political drama, but romance plays a big part as the base or remains in the hindsight at least. So, if you are stuck somewhere in your love life and want ideas to propose your love to that Mr. or Ms. Special, then watch some nice Bollywood romantic movies. You would feel pumped up watching your favorite stars proposing the right way. Check out some of the cues here taken from Bollywood movies and propose your love romantically this Valentines 2019.

Propose The JTYJN Way:

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

The true fans of Bollywood would want a single Bollywood “airport” moment in their lives just like Alizeh of ADHM (Ae Dil Hai Mushkil) wanted her lover to propose or stop her from leaving. In the late ’80s and all through the ’90s, airports in Bollywood were used as the only platform to propose love. You can use this cinematic nostalgia of airport and propose your love this Propose Day or Valentine’s Day (obviously in case, he/she is going somewhere). But please don’t create any ruckus by jumping over the security gate or sliding through the luggage belt (like Jai did in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na) – you may then land up in jail & maybe brutally beaten by cops for breaking laws. So, be polite and propose right at the airport gate.

Propose The Kuch Kuch Hota Hai Way:

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai recently celebrated its 20 years and it is still fresh in our minds. It has flaws and still, we all love it with all our hearts. Shah Rukh Khan or Rahul uses a ladder to climb up to the room of Rani Mukherjee or Tina. He offers some chocolates to her and then talks randomly about anything. He proposes in a sweet and romantic way by explaining the dignified and respectable position he believes Tina is in his life. So, be cool, sweet, and courteous while proposing to win his/her heart.

Propose The RDB Way:

Rang De Basanti

There is nothing more endearing than proposing someone and completely taking that person by surprise. This kind of proposals is remembered for ages like the way we all remember the scene from Rang De Basanti. It is one of the most famous “proposal scenes” from Bollywood. Ajay proposes Sonia in front of the whole gang of friends when they were on a short tour. It came as a shock and surprise to Sonia when Ajay took out that ring and proposed in front of the friends who are more than family. This is a truly romantic idea to propose your love especially when you share a common group of friends.

Propose The YJHD Way:

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani

Bunny (Ranbir Kapoor) wants to chase his dream job badly but falls in true love with Naina (Deepika Padukone) who cannot roam around with him as she has a clinic to run. Naina understands his aspirations and that’s why never wanted that commitment from him and smilingly part ways. At the 11th hour, Bunny decides to drop his dream job and be with Naina. So, he arrives at her doorstep with those classic arrangements of love & romance – cute balloons, chocolate cake, champagne, and a ring. So, when you have found that true love in your life, propose right away with these classic Propose day gifts and own your love. This straightforward yet romantic approach would truly impress your lover.

Propose The Jannat Way:


Out of all the Bollywood ideas of proposing, this is perhaps the most fearless and mad one. Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) sings a soulful song and waits for Zoya all the night outside her office. And then he even follows her back home. And in front of the crowd, right at the middle of the road, he opens his arms, sits on his knees and proposes in a way which Bollywood would never forget. This was truly filmy, crazy, and passionate expression of love. If you have those guts, go ahead and woo that special person in your life. It will be a moment to remember forever. But you got to be really clever and smart when doing this stunt in reality. So, choose early morning hours when the city just woke up from slumber and very few people are noticeable on road.

Propose The Ra.One Way:


This is an old school idea of proposing love that has been used multiple times in both Bollywood and Hollywood. Simply drop a ring in the drink of your lady and with the last sip when she discovers the ring in her mouth – there’s a jaw-dropping expression! This trick hardly fails especially when you know somewhere in your mind that the girl likes you way too much. Shahrukh Khan used this trick in Ra.One to woo Kareena Kapoor Khan and Simone Singh used it in Kal Ho Naa Ho to impress Saif Ali Khan.

Propose The Dil Chahta Hai Way:

Dil Chahta Hai

This is the most heart-warming proposal idea that involves a classic “sitting on knees” and some romantic words. Words are all that you have that would build your relationship. And these words have to be wisely chosen. When you utter these words, there has to be passion, determination, and romance in your voice. Only then you are going to convince the special man/woman about your love. All you have to do is frame your feelings with some nice words. And then open your mouth and move your tongue to speak up in front of that “special someone”. But just don’t delay this simple plan like our hero Akash did in Dil Chahta Hai. He waited till the wedding day of Shalini to finally propose on his knees! But he chose simple, straight, and persuasive words to confess his love. Follow that conviction!

Wish you all the very best for a happy and successful life ahead.

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