How To Make Office Environment Stress-Free?

How To Make Office Environment Stress-Free

Out of a normal 24-hour day, a considerable amount of time is spent at the workplace. You spend 8-10 hours give or take at your workplace (not including the travel time). Often it happens that you are faced with demanding work situations that can give you stress. In other words, stress and office go hand in hand. You may watch many videos of Sandeep Maheswari or any spiritual guru for that matter – but when stressful moments come, you seem to lose it all. There can be many reasons for stress like job security, an overbearing boss, personal problems, health problems, etc. but you need to cross all such hurdles and stay stress-free. By staying stressed you cannot change anything. Instead, staying stress-free you can do a lot more about your job and your life.

Here are a few tips to create a stress-free office environment:

Clutter-free Desk:

Clutter-free Desk

Make sure that your office working desk is free from clutter. Clutter or mess obstructs the flow of positive energy leading to stress. When you have a desk free from unwanted cards, old magazines, dirty coasters, scattered business cards, the pile of files, etc. you cannot concentrate properly. You must be having drawers or storage where you can organize your stuff. Once you see a clutter-free desk, you will feel good automatically.

Never Forget to Own your Workspace:

Never Forget to Own your Workspace

When you own a certain thing, you try to smear it in your colours. You spend at least 8-9 hours 5-6 days a week here in your workplace and thus keeping something like a favourite picture, a favourite quote, or a favourite mug would boost up your confidence. Keeping your favourite things at your desk would make you feel comfortable just like a corner of your home. You may prefer to keep your favourite fragrance also.

Place Stress-Relieving Plants:

Place Stress-Relieving Plants

Nature has wonderful ways to heal people. The colour of most plants is green and they relax your senses. Try it sometimes – when you are tired after working in front of a computer screen/laptop for a long time, just stare at these beautiful green plants for 2-5 minutes. You will feel a lot relaxed. There are various stress-relieving plants like Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, Spider Plant, Lucky Bamboo, etc. which you can buy and fill your work station.

Decorate Your Work Space:

Decorate Your Work Space

Select a day once in a month or a couple of months and decorate your desk or cubicle with all things that make you feel good. Use funky planters, add colours to your wall or desk, or buy a new light, etc. If you have the authority to decide, then, get a new wall colour. Do you know that yellow colour promotes intellectual activities while green colour promotes warmth among people?

Try Out Stress-Relieving Exercises:

Try Out Stress-Relieving Exercises

No problem arises without a solution. If you are stressed at the workplace then there is also a solution to it. You just need to be patient to find out that. During the office hours, of course, you cannot go into a yoga club or any other health center. So, manage your time before coming to the office or after returning from the office and don’t forget to do the exercises to stay calm when you hit the office. What you can do inside the office is just breathe-in and breath-out 20-30 times and you will feel a lot more relaxed. Also, don’t forget to walk around or stretch a bit.

Eat Healthily:

Eat healthy

There are times when you feel happy and want to reward yourself with yummy food and end up ordering with your colleague. Minimize that thing to hardly once in a couple of months. Have fresh fruits, green vegetables, and yoghurt that will keep you calm and stress-free in your office.

Soothing Music Therapy:

Soothing Music Therapy

Music is always relaxing that has been proven by doctors as a great stress-relieving agent. It will help you deviate your attention from stress and focus more on work at hand. So, just plug in your earphones, play your favourite music, and keep on working in a relaxed manner.

Implement these easy and simple steps in your office and you will see the results soon.

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