How to Choose the Right Perfume for Someone with Breathing Issues

How to choose the right perfume for someone with breathing issues

Choosing a perfume is a tricky task, and it gets trickier when you are on a hunt for a fragrance for someone who has breathing issues. Perfumes are one of the essentials, and even people who have ‘asthma’ or any other breathing issue are fond of it. Hence, it makes for a thoughtful gift that they will cherish. Enough about the obvious facts, it’s time for you to check out our tips that’ll help you in picking the right scent!

Avoid Strong Fragrances

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Fragrances that have higher alcohol content and have a strong scent are a big ‘No’. They may irritate their senses and will cause trouble while breathing.

Say No to Fruity Aromas

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A fruity aroma isn’t a good choice for people with breathing issues. You can use a floral one instead that makes for one of the best natural perfumes,. Try selecting a natural and mild floral scent instead of the fruity ones.

Pick Eau Fraiche Perfumes

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An Eau Fraiche perfume has the lightest concentration of fragrance and low alcohol concentration. It makes for the most suitable options for all asthmatic people.

Choose Mild Ones that have Essentials Oils

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Essential oils are highly beneficial for people who are struggling with breathing problems. You can choose a perfume that has Lavender essential oil or Chamomile oils in it. Just scroll through perfumes online and surprise them right away!

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