7 Perfume Tricks that All Fragrance Addicts Must Know

"Simple Hacks to make Perfume Last Longer "

Oh! It’s Perfume Day, and we can’t keep calm. We know you are all set for getting your hands on a new fragrance. But before that let’s promise our perfumes that we will make the utmost use of them. How can you do that? It’s pretty simple. Check out our list of perfume tricks and do yourself a favour by spritzing your perfume the right way! After all, scents are meant to last longer and you must know the hacks!

Always Check the Concentration

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The ratio of perfume to alcohol is the whole reason which makes a scent last longer. Pick an Eau de perfume as it is intense and lasts for 5 hours.

Moisturising is the Key

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Perfumes don’t last on dry skin. Moisturise your skin with unscented body oil or a moisturiser that has a mild fragrance. You can also apply vaseline on your pulse points for making the fragrance linger on your skin for a long time.

Spray the Perfume on your Clothes

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Spritz and splash on your clothes as well. The fibre of the clothes will hold the fragrance and you will smell heavenly for hours.

Spray on Bare Skin

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The common trick of spraying the perfume and walking into it may not be a perfect way. The right way is to spritz it on bare skin after you take a bath.

Figure Out the Right Spot

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Store your perfume in a cool and dry place. Don’t keep them in your washroom or near a window.

Don’t, Just Don’t

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You must be doing it all wrong by spraying the perfume and then rubbing your wrists. Spray the scent and let your skin absorb it. This is how it is done!

Know about the Pulse Points

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Applying the perfume to your pulse points will indeed make it last longer. Your wrists, the inner part of the elbows, your neck, the section below your midriff and the spot behind your knees are the pulse points and you must apply the scent there.

We bet you will be a pro after following all these little tricks. These simple hacks to make a perfume last longer will become your saviour for sure!

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