How People Celebrate Their Birthdays Across The World?

Interesting Ways to Celebrate Birthdays Across the World

Birthday is a big deal to everybody, as it is the most important day in their life. To some people, birthdays are about getting older and to other people, it is a milestone worth celebrating. No matter what one thinks, it is one day where people get undivided attention from everyone around. But do you know not everywhere birthdays are celebrated in the same way? Some countries have different traditions around that.

Let’s take a look at some different ways of how birthdays are celebrated around the world:

Tet Year In Vietnam


Vietnam is famous for being one of the most visited countries by travellers and Hanoi is a shopper’s paradise. But did you know that Vietnam has a very special birthday tradition? Everyone in Vietnam celebrates their birthday on New Year’s Day, or Tet regardless of their actual birth date. You share your birthday with everyone in the nation and celebrate it with everyone. Children are treated specially as they get money from their parents in a red envelope, known as li xi(Lucky Money).

Grand Celebrations In Mexico

Mexico Birthday Celebration

Mexican birthday parties are known to be grand and filled with fun. The parties are called fiesta and celebrated with traditional food items like tacos. One of the most interesting traditions followed in Mexican fiestas is hitting the piñata, which is a paper mache figure filled with candy. So, a Mexican fiesta has everything from a birthday cake, piñata and traditional food like tacos. Mexican love grand celebrations and celebrate their 15th birthday with all the panache, known as a Quinceanera. It is celebrated when a girl turns 15 marking her movement to womanhood.

Flour & Jamaica

Jamaica Birthday

People in Jamaica are known for having a good sense of humour, and they love playing around. Birthday Boy or Girl is wished by their friends & family with a session of throwing flour on them. To make it more interesting, the birthday boy or girl is soaked in water so the flour is hard to get rid off.

Sweet Birthdays In Brazil

Brazil Birthday

Brazil birthdays are an extravagant affair! When it is one’s birthday, their family decorates the house with colourful banners, papers and flowers. There is an entire table dedicated to sweets. The centrepiece of the table is a delicious cake, surrounded by all kinds of desserts one can think of. Another tradition is sharing the first piece of the birthday cake with the most important person in the person’s life.

Single & German? Time to Sweep

Germany Birthday

When single men in Germany turn 30, they have to go to the front steps of the Town Hall or church and sweep them. While the birthday boy sweeps the steps, his friends rubbles them. That surely sounds rough! But kids get to celebrate their birthdays with cake and candles and are not supposed to do any homework on their birthdays.

Chocolate Cake In Norway

Norway Birthday

If it’s a school day on your birthday, the entire class will celebrate your birthday by singing the beautiful Norwegian’s Birthday song and dance. It is a tradition to eat chocolate cake on your birthday, and you get to plan your birthday regardless of your age.

Australia & Fairy Bread

Australia Birthday

Since the weather in Australia is warm, most birthday parties are barbeque parties. The parties are decorated with streamers and balloons. Although the parties have a cake, they also have a special dish called fairy bread which can not be missed.

Birthdays around the world are celebrated in different ways, but no matter where it is, cakes are constant parts of birthdays. Want to celebrate a birthday theme party? Maybe you could choose from one of these birthday celebration ideas.


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