How I Planned My Date With Wine & Cheesecake?

Date Idea- Wine & Cheesecake

Once you get in a relationship life becomes a treasure of unforgettable memories. Some memories make you smile while some wet your eyes. The most important thing in a relationship is love… love that makes you want to be with that person. And surprises always enhance the feeling of love manifolds. That’s why they say love is magical. Because you never know what may come next and sweep you off your feet. There is one such special memory of my relationship, remembering which always manages to bring a smile on my face.

Last year, I got a chance to travel to Europe on a business trip. It was my first opportunity to discover this beautiful continent, explore its culture and know more about its people. I was quite thrilled. And when I told my girlfriend about it, her joy was beyond any limit known to mankind. Being a history honours student, she is well read about the continent’s past, its traditions and cultural values. She couldn’t be happier for me to get such a great opportunity and told me to make the most of it.

Before leaving for Europe, my girlfriend gave me a long list of things I could do there, food I can relish and places that I must visit. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that her interest in history and exploring places helped me a lot to plan my visit to Europe. She dropped me to the airport and said goodbye before I boarded the flight. Before leaving, she asked me to bring her a little souvenir from Europe. She didn’t ask me to bring her something fancy or expensive but just a souvenir from the beautiful continent of Europe. So, I had to do it.

I know how much she loves mushy and romantic things, so during my tour to Paris, I bought a crystal Eiffel Tower for her. I knew she was going to love me for such a lovely gift. After a month of the tour, my bags were packed and I was all set to come back to my country and meet my people.

Once I reached India and started unpacking my bags, there it was my worst nightmare. The crystal Eiffel Tower that I bought for my girlfriend was shattered into pieces and so was my heart. I didn’t know what to do as I had planned to meet my girlfriend the same evening. But as they say, where there is a will, there is a way. I looked through the room and my eyes landed on a fine bottle of wine that I bought from France. Being a wine connoisseur that my girlfriend is, I decided to gift her that bottle of wine as a souvenir.

I was really excited to see my girl after one big month. So, I thought this meeting has to be special. It has to be a memorable date. I ordered her favorite cheesecake online that I thought would go well with the wine and I was all set to surprise her. I reached her doorstep, rang the bell and there she was with a big smile on her face. Her joy doubled up on seeing a French bottle of wine in my one hand and a lip-smacking cheesecake in the other.

Being hopeless romantics at heart, we both decided to make this moment a little bit mushier. We both went upstairs to the balcony to have a little rendezvous with the wine and cheesecake. My girlfriend lit the scented candles and poured the wine into glasses. Sipping the wine gave us a taste of France and the delectable cheesecake complemented it in every possible way. The wind gushing through our ears created the perfect atmosphere for a romantic date. Sitting there, we talked for hours, which seemed like minutes. Though unplanned, it turned out to be the most romantic date of my life the memories of which are etched in my mind forever.

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