Do You Know What Is a Weeping Fig?

Weeping Fig

Native to South and Southeast Asia & Australia, Weeping Figs are the official tree of Bangkok. The species is naturalized in West Indies and the states of Florida and Arizona in the United States. The botanical name for Weeping Figs is Ficus Benjamina and it is also known by the names benjamin & ficus tree.
It is one of the most popular house plants with dense, glossy and dark foliage. The elegant plant is like a small indoor tree which is not only popular in house plant but also popular in offices.

Ficus Benjamina plants are often referred to as loyal companions as they are perennial plants which grow alongside for years.

Why are they known as Weeping Figs though?
Why is such a beautiful and elegant foliage known as weeping fig? Well, that is because of the sensitive nature of the plant. Ficus Benjamin reacts to almost any stress like over or under watering, low light, moving it from one place to another, lack of nitrogen etc. by shedding leaves. Although the plant does not like being moved, it adapts to the new place in no time and shows the growth of new & healthy leaves.

Benefits of Weeping Figs

Improve Air Quality With Weeping Figs

The elegant plant– Ficus Benjamina is one of the most amazing Air Purifiers. As per NASA’s Clean Air Study, Ficus Benjamina was effective at cleansing airborne formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. It can help filter out pollutants and keep the air fresh inside the house.

Medicinal Uses

Ficus Benjamina tree has some amazing medicinal uses. The bark of the root and leaves are often boiled in oil and applied on wounds. The leaves and the bark is also known to be used for the treatment of rheumatic headaches and are applied as a poultice.

Construction Uses

Although the wood quality of the Benjamina Ficus is low, yet it is used for temporary constructions, mouldings, interior work, cladding, drawers and so much more. The wood of the tree is also used for Fuel!

Weeping Fig Plant Symbolism

Since many of these figs are grown in the wild, they are seen as the tree of peace and abundance and the Middle East. Buddha gained enlightenment under a fig tree which is why it is considered Holy in East Asia. Indonesia has very interesting symbolism of weeping figs- they are seen as the link between the human and spirit worlds!

All You Need To Know About Caring For Weeping Figs- Ficus Plant Care

Weeping figs are really easy & tricky to take care of, but if done right they last for years.

Ravenous For Sunlight

Weeping figs love sunlight. They need at least 5-7 hours of bright, indirect sun per day. It does grow in semi-shaded areas but the growth rate is really slow. It is best to find a bright spot for the plant.

Prudent Watering

As being said, the care of weeping figs is really tricky, you need to water them very carefully. They do not like to stay dry and loves water but overwatering can lead to the plant to die. It is advised to let the soil dry out between watering as it encourages the strengthening of the plant roots. So water your weeping fig only when the soil seems dry!

Heavy Fertilizer Feeders

Weeping Figs need a plethora of fertilizers. Add magnesium-rich fertilizers to your plant every month.

Pruning & Repotting Is Important

It is very important to trim your weeping fig especially if the leaves are touching the ceiling. Be sure to prune the plant when it is not growing, which is usually around spring.

Weeping Figs Like To Stay Put

With the slight change in their temperature or light, they start to drop leaves. Weeping figs are extremely sensitive and start to drop leaves when they are moved, although they recover from the shock if they’re properly cared for!

Weeping Figs are beautiful plants with a really long life which is why it is a magnificent gift to give someone you want to keep in your life forever.

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