Teacher's Day

Different types of Mentors in Everyone’s Life

Mentors in Everyone’s Life

It’s Teacher’s Day on 5th September, and we thought of taking you back to your school or college days. Today, we have come up with a list of different types of mentors in everyone’s life. Our list is super relatable and will take you down memory lane. So, get ready to laugh out loud and relate your teachers with the types listed below!

The Lecturer

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We all had that teacher who always gave long lectures about life, and almost anything and everything. Their lectures sometimes motivated us or left us clueless.

The Easy-Goer

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Oh! The friendly mentor who always tells you to take things one go at a time. He or she always motivated you and guided you to focus on one thing at a time.

The Financialist

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There is always a mentor in our lives who constantly gives financial advice and makes us believe that saving and planning are the choices we should make often!

The Yogic

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Did you have a mentor or teacher who always preached about peace and contentment? Yes, the yogic one. And, we totally miss them as we are always looking for peace. Ain’t we?

The Co-Pilot

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A teacher who is more like a friend and always guided you through the smallest things. They may be at school or your tuition teacher. They were the Co-pilots who made sure you take off the flight of your life in the right and smooth way!

All these types of mentors were the reasons behind our success. On Teacher’s Day surprise them with thoughtful letters, heartwarming gifts and coat their day with delicious cakes and more!

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