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Did your Partner miss Valentine’s Day Gift? Here’s what you can do

Did your Partner miss Valentine's Day Gift Here's what you can do

So it’s Valentine’s Day already, and you have a strong hunch that you ain’t getting a gift this year? If the Bollywood movies have taught us anything it is to fight for what is yours! And, so why not turn the day around? Instead of holding a grudge and spoiling the whole day, head on a mission to make your partner realise what you want. It’s time for you to take the matter into your hands and secretly make your partner get something. After all, your happiness means everything. Check out our ways to do so smoothly!

Drop Hints

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Go all crazy, use their laptop or mobile’s browser and leave it on a website that has impressive Valentine’s Day gifts. This way they will know that you are searching for a present for them and they will end up ordering one for you. Furthermore, you can also sleep talk your way into getting a gift. Act like you are sleeping and start babbling things like ‘Oh! baby thank you for this sweet gift‘ or ‘Awe! I thought you forgot’!

Try Social Media

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As Valentine’s week arrives, quotes or memes related to Valentine’s day, romantic dinners and more start circulating. Find the perfect, and post it. Your partner will surely get the clue.

Watch a Super Romantic Movie with Him

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As the day starts, convince your partner and watch the most romantic movie. As soon as a proposal or something cheesy happens, start passing comments like Awe! that’s so cute. Don’t forget to hold your partner’s hand while saying it. If you need the perfect movie suggestion, you must watch Garry Marshall’s Valentine’s Day.

Make your Friends Drop a Message

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Make your friends message your partner. Tell your friend to randomly ask about gift suggestions for the day and what they are planning to do for you. They will surely feel guilty and start planning something.

Download FNP App

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If you think all the above-mentioned ways are not for you, then keep it simple. Download the FNP app on their mobile and let us help you. Throughout Valentine’s week, we keep sending reminders like ‘ one day to go, get a beautiful bouquet or two hours left, and surprise your partner with thoughtful gifts. Our reminders will make them want to get something special for you. Hence, mission accomplished.

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