Decode the Art of Forgiveness with Us

Decode the Art of Forgiveness with Us!

It’s Forgiveness Day on 30th June, and we thought of solving the maze of forgiveness for you! People may hurt you unintentionally or intentionally. You ought to forgive them or heal the pain they have caused. Holding onto grudges and past traumas will lead you to a miserable life. Being bitter and angry will start affecting your relationships, and in the end, you may end up alone and will hate everyone. Forgiving is a graceful act that will make you a happier and content person. So, decode the art of forgiveness with us & embrace it for a blissful life!

Learn about Forgiveness

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Know the actual meaning of forgiveness, and you will nail the first step. Forgiveness is not related to an apology. Some people will hurt you and won’t apologise. To forgive in such a situation is the toughest task, and it is important to know what forgiveness is all about. It is accepting the hurt and understanding the grudges can’t rule your life. The person can’t make your life bitter, and it is important to lead a happy life without expecting an apology.

Sit with your Inner Pain

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Sit down for once and understand the cause of this pain. Is it what someone said about you or the one who broke your heart? In both cases, you need to address the pain and then start working on it.

Don’t Seek Revenge

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Revenge won’t make you happy. Seeking revenge and harming the other person will make you feel guilty in the future. So, never plan the act of revenge. Instead, focus on activities that will calm you down. Bring home plants and take care of them. Give your love to them, and you will forget about hurting anyone.

Empathise with the Other Person

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A person who made you angry may have done it unintentionally. You need to accept the apology and show some empathy. You need to understand their thought process and be willing to forgive them. If the person didn’t apologise, then empathising becomes hard. But, you can try to understand what may have caused them to do so and let go.

Stop Focusing on the Negatives & Let Go

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Overthinking and focusing on the negatives will never let you move on. Stop thinking about the incident and just focus on the positives in your life. Whenever challenges come in your life, they teach you something. While hurting and recovering, you will learn that you should never hurt anyone. Address your pain, start with a positive outlook and let go of the pain.

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