Can Flowers Bring Some Good Luck Your Way? Know Your Good Luck Flowers

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Good Luck Flowers As Per Zodiac Signs

The study of zodiac signs often leads to self-discovery. One cannot deny the fact that personality traits are heavily influenced by sun signs. The more you study your zodiac, the more you get an in-depth knowledge of likes, dislikes, preferences, habits, etc. Each zodiac sign has some basic characteristics and also some lucky and unlucky things associated with it. Now, apart from a lucky or favorable direction, day, number, etc. each zodiac sign also has a lucky flower. Keeping these flowers in a certain direction or simply having those flowers around you would be fruitful for your life. So, read below and know about the good luck flowers based on zodiac sign.


Aries never fail to charm the world with their wit and grace. Their confident nature attracts people and to be true they simply enjoy being in the limelight. Honeysuckle is the luckiest flower for Arians which is vivacious, energetic, beautiful, and bees simply cannot resist being attracted towards it. Aries is the first of the 12 zodiac signs and thus they have a leadership quality just like the honeysuckles which is known to be the leader among the vines. The other lucky flowers are wild rose, dahlia, and poppies.

Good Luck Flower For Aries: Honeysuckle, Wild Rose, Poppies, & Dahlia.
Placement: Keep these flowers in North and see your finances grow.


Taurus, being an Earth sign are deeply grounded people and are known for their loyalty and stability. The people born under this Taurus sign love material things and all the beautiful and finer things in life. As they never fail to bind people with their love and warmth, their lucky flower is poppy. Poppies are beautiful flowers and just like the bulls they also seek both security and comfort. As they love beauty, red roses and tulips are lucky for Taurus as these flowers are the most

Good Luck Flowers for Taurus: Poppy, Lily, Red Roses, Daisies, and Tulips.
Placement: Keep it in Northeast and eliminate physical ailments.


The ever-curious creatures, Gemini are restless beings. They are always hopping from one place to another in search of new information and aiming to enlarge their network – Just lie Karan Johar! They are expressive, creative, and productive and just like the Lavenders have a far-reaching web.

Good Luck Flowers for Gemini: Lavender, Lilies, and Iris.
Placement: Except North, any direction is fine. Keeping these flowers would bring mental peace.


Cancer is a water sign and thus they are very emotional and sensitive. They stand tall beside their close friends and relatives because they are very caring in nature. Acanthus is lucky for the people of this sign that signifies immortality.

Good Luck Flowers for Cancer: Acanthus, White Roses, Lilies, Daisies, and Poppies.
Placement: Keep these flowers in East or North and see your health prosper.


They rule and roar like no other. Leos have a royal aura and are natural born leaders. Their aggression and confidence make them a winner everywhere. They simply “never give up” and love to be the center of attraction among people. Sunflowers are lucky for them that symbolizes longevity, loyalty, and austerity.

Good Luck Flowers for Leo: Sunflowers, Peonies, Marigolds, Daffodils, and Heliotrope.
Placement: North and East are the directions where you must keep these flowers to flourish professionally.


Virgos are loyal people with an analytical mind and a benevolent heart. They are very practical and hard-working. Virgos are too critical about themselves and thus always suffer from indecisiveness. Morning Glory is lucky for people of this sign because these flowers bring clarity to the minds of Virgo.

Good Luck Flowers for Virgo: Morning Glory, Pansies, and Lilies.
Placement: East would be a good direction and your business would flourish.


The people born under this sign, Libra have a justified mind and heart. They are always balancing things in life because they simply want peace and harmony. Roses are perfect for them because along with a flawless beauty, these flowers also have thorns which means love and pain in equal measure.

Good Luck Flowers for Libra: Roses, Violets, Daisies, and Lilies
Placement: Northwest would be great to ward off tensions.


Scorpio people have a magnetic personality and no one can cultivate sarcasm the way they do. The imaginative and creative Scorpio have an air of mystery around them. Scorpio doesn’t trust people at all but again are great friends. Chrysanthemum is the lucky flower for these people because they are also mysterious and confuse people just the way Scorpions do.

Good Luck Flowers for Scorpio: Chrysanthemums and Celandine
Placement: South or West would be the best direction for placing these flowers that would eliminate tension and anxiety.


Sagittarius are fiercely independent and spontaneous. They are philosophical and sensitive in nature. Narcissus is the lucky flower for them. Narcissus flower symbolizes hope, longevity, and renewal.

Good Luck Flowers for Sagittarius: Narcissus, Tulips, Roses, and Carnations.
Placement: Keep these flowers in East direction for flow of luck in your career.


People born under Capricorn sign are very hard-working and are driven by a strong determination. They are responsible, caring, traditional, realistic, and honest. Carnations are lucky for them that symbolizes love and fascination.

Good Luck Flowers for Capricorn: Carnations and Poppies.
Placement: North is a suitable direction to keep these flowers and enjoy love and romance.


Aquarians are very curious and inventive in nature. They have a dreamy persona that attracts people. Aquarius people are also shy and quiet but at times can be eccentric too. Orchids is a lucky flower for people of this sign that ooze royalty, love, beauty, luxury, and strength.

Good Luck Flowers for Aquarius: Orchids and Peach Blossoms.
Placement: North is a favorable direction to keep these flowers and enjoy a rich and wealthy life.


People born under Pisces sign are artistic, energetic, compassionate, sociable, and romantic. They are day-dreamers and also are oversensitive. But give them music and art and they can talk or paint or write or strum that guitar for hours. Waterlily is lucky for these people which is a majestic flower with its roots running very deep within.

Good Luck Flowers for Pisces: Water Lilies, Orchids, Iris, and Poppies.
Placement: Northeast is a favorable position which would shower professional luck.


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