Cactus Plants- Top 5 Myths Busted

Cactus Myths

Member of the plant family of Cactaceae, Cactus is a common house plant. This succulent is known for being thorny and has the quality of storing water which helps it to survive in extremely dry and hot habitats.

You may have heard things like Cacti does not need to be cared for, they do not need to be watered or that they do not bloom. They are all myths! Cactus Plants has some really great qualities which are overpowered by the myths about them.

Top 5 Myths About Cactus Plants- Busted

Cactus Plants Do Not Need To Be Watered

Cati or Cactus plants can survive without water for weeks but that does not mean that they shouldn’t be watered at all. If you do not water a cactus plant, it will survive as it stores water, but it may not grow. You shouldn’t water your cacti every day, but wait for the soil to dry out. Also, every cactus is different and has different watering requirements than the other.

All Cactus Grows Only In Places With Hot Climate With No Winter

All climatic zones inherent the winter season. And that’s why it is wrong to say that Cactus grows in places with hot climate only. For example in Northeast Brazil, the average daily temperature of the coldest month is much higher than zero degrees. But this region has many species of Cactus. Most Cactus Plants need full sunlight during the growth period. But there are some cactus plants that need indirect sunlight to prevent the leaves from burning. During the winter season, cactus plants need to be kept in a place with light, making sure the temperature is not below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cactus Plants Are Indestructible

They are pretty tough, as they can survive the hottest of climates but that does not mean they do not need to be cared for! Cactus plants need to be taken care of properly which includes potting them with right & gritty potting soil, making sure not to overwater them, and keeping them free from frost. If you overwater your cactus plant, it will die too soon. Given good care, the cactus plants can survive up to 10 years and at times even more.

Cactus Plants Have A Slow Growth & Do Not Bloom

This is one of the most common myths about cactus plants. Some species of cactus plants grow 15 cms or more per year. These cacti are usually perfect for hanging pots. On the other hand, some species of cactus plants produce beautiful flowers. If you take care of your cactus plant in spring and summer, they produce spectaculars flowers colored white, red, orange, pink or blue.

Cactus Plants Should Not Be Gifted

Since Cactus plants are prickly, it is assumed that gifting cactus plants isn’t good. It is believed that gifting cactus signifies bad intentions. This is one of the most believed myths. Just like flowers, and other plants, cactus has its symbolic meaning which in no way is negative. Cactus Plants symbolize endurance, persistence, & toughness. Gifting someone a cactus plant means telling them they are resilient fighters who do not give up in tough situations. It is a Native American belief that gifting a cactus is a way of telling someone that you care for them as it represents warmth, protection, and motherly love. As per Feng Shui, gifting succulents protect you from all negative energies and misfortunes. So, if you wish to keep someone in your life forever, gifting a cactus can actually be a really good idea.

Who knew cactus plants could be so interesting? It is correctly said- Never judge a book by its cover.

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