Beginners Guide on how to Propagate Plants

Beginners Guide on How to Propagate Plants

Plants are the best home buddies. Are you a pro at parenting a plant? If yes, then it’s time for you to try your hands at something new and make your plant family grow. Propagating plants is an inexpensive way of making new plants out of the old ones. All you need is a plant, scissors, glass vessels that have room temperature water and yes a lot of patience! Taking care of plants is indeed a therapy, and more people are inclined towards bringing and nurturing the potted pets! If you are all enticed to know more, here is beginners guide on how to propagate plants! Get ready to know the how and nail it!

About Plant Propagation

Plant propagation is a process of growing a new plant with the help of cuttings, seeds and other plant parts. Asexual and sexual propagation are the two methods for growing new plants. You can easily expand your collection of plants and add new ones to your family at home by using asexual plant propagation. By maintaining the right condition and using the stem or the leaf, you can have a family of plants that were grown by you. 

Pick the Perfect Plant

Plants are aesthetically pleasing and create a tranquil environment. If you are all set for creating a new collection of plants at home, then you must pick low maintenance and hard to kill plants. Some of the plants that are great for all those who are a beginner at plant propagation are Snake Plant and Pothos. These plants are hard to kill and can survive anything and anywhere. They are the most suitable ones for the process of plant propagation.

Methods of Plant Propagation

Here are the methods of propagation that you can easily try at home. The plants that you are a parent to will be of great help in these methods!

  • Division – It is the method of dividing an already growing plant into two while keeping the roots and crown part intact. The division is a method of asexual propagation and used in gardening as well.
  • Rooting a Leaf or a Cutting – Rooting is another method of plant propagation that you can use for plants like Jade plant, pothos, and rubber plant. You can grow a plant from different parts of a leaf-like a petiole, split-vein, and leaf bud. The easiest way is to cut the leaf petiole and place it in soil. This method is used for succulents. For propagating a plant through a stem, you can cut a stem with leaves and place it in soil. The stem cutting should have at least one leaf node. Succulents need low light, and so you can place these plants anywhere at home.
  • Plant Propagation in Water – The easiest way to grow a new plant is by plant propagation in water. To propagate a cutting in water, you have to pick a new, and healthy shoot on your plant. The shoot should be four to six inches long. Now, cut below a leaf joint, and put the cutting into a glass vessel with clear water. Keep the plant in indirect light and change the water every two weeks. Soon you will spot new roots and leaves on your plant.

If you believe in the phrase, the more, the merrier, then plant propagation is made for you. Take a sneak peek into our beginners guide on how to propagate plants and get ready to expand your plant family and watch them flourish!

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