Benefits Pachira Aquatica Plants

8 Benefits of Pachira Aquatica or Money Tree Plant

Pachira Aquatica or Money Tree Plant

Famed as the fortune tree, Pachira Aquatica is a tropical wetland tree. If you are up for attracting loads of money and good luck, then the stunning Pachira Aquatica is what you need, RN! Pachira Aquatica, a.k.a Money Tree, has a myriad of other benefits that you ought to know. We have jotted down a list of amazing benefits of Pachira Aquatica that’ll make you want to bring this beautiful and braided plant to your home.

Attract Wealth and Good Fortune

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According to Feng Shui experts, Pachira Aquatica attracts wealth and good fortune when it is placed at the right place in your home. For improving your financial prosperity, you must place it in the Southeast area at your home or office.


Pachira Aquatica is known as the best air-purifying plant, and it absorbs the toxic components present in the air. It purifies the air and makes your home a safe place for you and your family.


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The Money Tree is a pet-friendly indoor plant. You can bring it home and stay assured that your pets are safe at all times.

Gorgeous Braids

Gorgeous Braids

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Adorned with beautiful braids, the Money tree looks aesthetically pleasing and will make for a spectacular addition to your home decor.

Loves Damp Soil

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The Money Tree loves damp soil. If you are always confused about the suitable amount of water for indoor plants, then Money Tree is made for you. It is highly low-maintenance, and over-watering won’t kill it.

Needs Indirect Light

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Pachira Aquatica thrives in indirect light and is one of the best indoor plants. You can keep it at any corner in your home, and it will beautify it.

Requires Pruning Rarely

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Our fortune tree needs no pruning at all. If you wish to give it a specific shape, then you can cut the leaves. It can easily survive without pruning.

Perfect Size

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The Pachira Aquatica has a perfect size. You can easily keep it indoors as it grows according to the pot it is placed in.

With so many amazing benefits, Patchira Aquatic, a.k.a Money Tree, must have impressed you. Bring this low-maintenance fortune tree home and get ready to savour its benefits.

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