7 Water-saving Tips for your Garden


Water is the prime necessity of life. From drinking to washing clothes, bathing to cooking food – we need water every day and in every moment of our lives. Gardening is one such activity that requires a high amount of water. World water day is celebrated on 22nd March and it advocates various water-saving techniques because now water is a depleting resource.

You also know that while gardening is a noble activity but a lot of water gets wasted in this process. Therefore, knowing how to save water while gardening will help you contribute to a bigger goal.

Learn some water-saving tips for your garden and keep planting more:

Drought tolerant plants

drought tolerant plants

When you are creating your garden, choose those drought-tolerant plants because they don’t require regular watering. You can thus bring these plants to your garden- bougainvillaea, agave, Aloe Vera, cactus, lavender, peace lily, marigold, etc.

A thick layer of mulch

mulch layer

If you put a thick layer of mulch it will keep the root zones of plants cool. It will also ensure that moisture is flowing into the soil. You can thus use organic mulches like wood chips or bard shreds. Therefore, you will need less water to grow a plant which is a good sign.

Mowing properly


You have to mow high if you want to save water while gardening. If you keep the grass about 2 inches high for most species of plants, it will guard the soil against excessive evaporation.

Save rainwater


This is the smartest way to save water. Prepare a rain barrel or just keep multiple containers with a wide mouth in your garden and terrace. So, when rain falls, there will be automatic storage of water that you can filter and use later to feed your plants.

Save cooking water

cooking water

This is called hitting two birds with one arrow. You must be boiling your vegetables in your kitchen daily. Now, don’t throw away that water and store it. Let it cool down and use that to water your plants. This cooking water is full of nutrients that promote plant growth.

Moisture Meter

moisture meter

Buy a moisture meter to know exactly when you need to water your garden. When the meter indicates 10-30% only when you need to rush and water. 40-70% means the soil is moist and 80-100% means the soil is wet and you must stop overwatering now.

Organic matter

organic matter

Healthy soil is the basis of any gorgeous garden. To make your soil healthy you must be using fertilisers – right? But apart from chemical fertilisers, you can also use organic matter to your soil. That will enhance productivity and also help in moisture retention which is all you need to save water. So, add chopped leaves, fruit & vegetable peels, and manures to your garden soil. That will increase the water-retention capacity of the soil.

Apart from all these aforementioned points, you should also take smaller steps like washing your car in your lawn or garden or walk less on the grass. Also, make sure that the taps, fittings, and hoses are not leaking. 

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