7 Plants That Are Perfect For Your Living Room

Living Room Plants

The living room is a place at home where you relax, catch up with your friends, relatives, or guests, or watch TV or casually spend time. In a nutshell, this room is the face of your home. Thus, keeping this room bright and beautiful is what you should aim for. A neat, clean, and refreshing living room is important in boosting the mood too. Whosoever comes to your place will feel the warmth and love instantly if the living room is well-organised and looks great. One of the easiest ways to add more beauty to your living room is to add plants.

Benefits of Adding Plants To Your Living Room

  • The living room will be filled with positive energies.
  • The influx of oxygen in your living room due to plants will help you release your stress or tensions.
  • Your living room will become the most relaxing place for you because you will feel more energetic and creative here.
  • You will feel closer to nature when green plants surround you in your living room.
  • Your living room will also look bigger if you smartly place the plants.
  • During the hot and sultry summer season, your living room will soothe you surely.
  • Last but not least, keeping plants in your living room will break the monotony of furniture.

When you get such amazing results so easily, would you think twice to bring plants at home? Here is a list of 7 plants that you can keep in your living room:

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular indoor plant that would be a refreshing addition to your living room. This plant falls under succulent types of plants. You can place this fleshy and juicy plant near your living room window because it loves sunlight. After the sun sets, you can keep it back and glorify your side table or centre of your coffee table. The wonderful benefit of aloe vera plant is that it absorbs formaldehyde and benzene and will give you a fresher air to breathe. Plus, it also has medicinal qualities. It heals wounds, burns, and cuts and for that, you need to extract the gel contained inside the stems. This gel can also be stored and applied on hair and skin for shining results. Also, the consumption of Aloe Vera juice daily leads to a lower level of blood sugar.

Spider Plant:

Spider Plant

One of the best fuss-free indoor plants is this spider plant. There are some other names too given to this plant and they are- airplane plant, St. Bernard’s lily, spider ivy, and ribbon plant. The praiseworthy quality of this plant is that you may neglect it for weeks but it will still survive. That means it’s a low light loving and less water-loving plant. The green and white leaves grow quite fast and also produces tiny white flowers. It also removes formaldehyde and xylene followed by carbon monoxide and benzene. As said, this plant doesn’t require much sunlight, you can choose the shady side of your living room. The bushy and flourishing plant would add much beauty if you keep it in a hanging planter and hang it from your ceiling.

Golden Pothos Plant:

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos is also known as money plant, hunters robe, silver vine, taro vine, and Ceylon creeper. It can sustain low light or bright filtered light or full sun. The plant becomes more yellowish when exposed to greater amounts of light. It is said that this plant brings financial luck, reduces stress, and absorbs radiation. The best place to keep a golden pothos plant in your living room would be near the WiFi router, computer or TV. Use a nice printed ceramic pot to keep your golden pothos plant.

Peace Lily Plant:

peace lily

Peace lily plant has shiny leaves and white flowers. This one is again one of the low-light and low water-loving plant. The shiny leaves will add gorgeousness to your living room. Keep at a corner of your living room and make sure no home décor item or wall décor is placed near it. That ways your plant will glow more against the light or bright coloured wall. Additionally, this plant also helps you get rid of the harmful benzene and formaldehyde.

Lucky Bamboo:

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is considered one of the best and famous indoor plants because of its luck-enhancing ability. The layers and stalks of lucky bamboo carry spiritual significance and thus you must meet a Feng Shui expert to know exactly which one will suit you currently. This plant is often credited for bringing love and romance in life, enhancing understanding in relationships, showering financial luck, bringing success, promoting good health, and maintaining peace and harmony in life. The most favourable positions to keep a lucky bamboo plant is East or Southeast in your living room.

Now, you will come across some really breath-taking designs of lucky bamboo-like spiral bamboo, wheel bamboo, or heart-shaped bamboo. Choose the one that will match the personality of your home and bring one at your place. Lucky bamboo can be grown on soil and water both and are really fuss-free. You just need to change the water timely and you can enjoy the flow of good luck at your place.

African Violets:

African Violets

The scientific name of African Violet is Saintpaulia and you can grow it on both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a perennial flowering plant which will add a splash of colour to your living room. You can keep small pots of African Violets near the window where it can enjoy the sunlight. Or you may use the centre table to keep the African Violets. The best thing is that they are available in various colours and thus you can choose the ones which will bring a lovely contrast.

Rubber Plant:

rubber plant

The big shiny leaves of rubber plant will require bright and indirect sunlight and you must water only when the topsoil is dry. Rubber Plants are one of the best natural air purifiers and the unusually big leaves draw attention surely. Just keep it near your sofa set and enhance your home décor.


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