7 Adorable Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers

7 adorable gift ideas for plant lovers

It is always a thoughtful task to sit down and think about what to gift a friend or relative who loves gardening. Plant lovers love to spend time in their garden planting a new sapling, nurturing the old ones, or sipping beverages among plants. They are always enthusiastic about plants and gifting plants would be cliché. Because they know plants better than you and can sort out which plant should be brought home. So, you need to think about something else when trying to impress them.

Here is a list of 7 adorable gift ideas for plant lovers:

Quirky Planters

Quirky Planters

There are many funky and quirky planters that you will find both online and offline. These colourful planters will be appreciated by your plant lover friend and will also elevate the home décor. There are small and cute planters for indoor gardens with animal-shapes or designs on them. There are also big planters for outdoor gardening. Just consider the size of his/her garden and buy one.

Terrarium Candles

Terrarium Candles

You know what a terrarium is – right? For the uninitiated, a terrarium is usually a sealable glass container containing soil and plants and can be opened for maintenance to access the plants inside. Open terrariums have also become trendy and taking a cue from that terrarium candles are created. Inside glass vessels there remains beautiful plant-shaped candles in various hues. Can you imagine how serene, heartfelt, and unique the décor would be? Your plant lover friend would thank you for this out-of-the-box choice.

Customised Wall Art

Customised Wall Art

There are many talented artists who you can contact through Facebook and give a brief of your vision. Don’t forget to consider the favourite plant, flower, or leaf design of your plant lover friend while having a discussion with a wall artist. Let this wall artist paint the plant lover’s study room, bedroom, or drawing-room. Your friend will be flabbergasted by this present of a lifetime.

Workshop or Seminar on Garden Design

garden design workshop

The awareness among people for planting more has gone up over the past few years mostly due to the rising pollution. So, if your plant lover friend who advocates this “go-green” thought thoroughly, then, you can send him/her to any workshop or seminar regarding garden design. Garden designing is an art that keeps the creative engines running inside people. Plus the environment also becomes healthier.

Cactus-Shaped Cookie Jar

Cactus Shaped Cookie Jar

How would be a cookie jar that looks like a cactus? Of course, it would be worth a buy. Keeping that cookie jar on your tea table would raise quite a few curious eyebrows. Anyone who comes over tea would be delighted to be served from a cactus-shaped cookie jar. It won’t take a minute to understand that he/she loves plants way too much. It would be a lovely gift indeed.

Cool Water Globes

Water Globe

Many times maybe your plant lover friend has cancelled trips saying that if they are away from home – the plants would die. But now that won’t happen. Gift them some cute and adorable water globes that need to be filled with water and inserted into the soil. The plant will keep on receiving its required amount of water to stay hydrated. There are various colourful and funky shaped water globes that you will find and they will be loved by your friend.

LED Light For Indoor Plants

LED Light for Plants

There are many indoor plants that need direct sunlight continuously and in monsoon and winter seasons that becomes a problem sometimes. Also, there are places in metro cities where sun rays cannot reach some buildings. For all these problems there is an LED light specifically designed for indoor plants. There is a balanced spectrum of light that these LED light bulbs emit. They look like any regular bulb but their functioning is plant-friendly.

Apart from these thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas for plant ideas, you can also opt for the latest book on plants, plant-printed cushions & blankets, tropical leaf-shaped earrings, etc.

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