6 Tricks to Keep Air Plants Alive

6 Tricks to Keep Air Plants Alive

Tillandsia is a genus of around 650 species of evergreen, perennial flowering plants. They are commonly known as air plants because they get the majority of their nutrients from the air. Their leaves are somewhat silvery in colour, which are covered with specialised cells called trichomes. These cells are capable of rapidly absorbing water that gathers on them.

These low-maintenance plants are perfect little companions for home or office desks. But they have little secrets of their own. The air plants require a different kind of care as compared to other houseplants. When treated rightly, they bloom beautifully. Read further to know how to keep your air plants alive and healthy.

Give them a lot of air

You must provide lots of air for your air plants. They should be planted in an open container so that fresh air can circulate freely around them.

Soak them overnight

Soak your air plants overnight to meet their water requirements. In summer, they need a weekly soak, and in winter once every three weeks. After soaking, give them a good shake upside down to remove the water remaining left inside the leaves. The air plants need to dry out thoroughly. 

Keep them in a bright spot

Air plants prefer bright, indirect light. Find the bright spot in your home where the sun doesn’t shine directly at the plant. Some direct sun works best for air plants in the morning, but they shouldn’t be left there the entire day as they may get burnt

Feed them once a month

Feed your air plants once a month by adding fertiliser to the water. The bromeliad mix is best to feed air plants. Dilute the fertiliser to one-fourth the recommended strength. Mix the air plants with the prepared solution.

Prefers hot temperature

Air plants love warm temperatures. But as the air gets hotter and drier, you need to water them more often. Protect your air plants from a temperature below 7-degree celsius. They cannot survive in freezing temperatures. 

Touch them gently

The air plants are quite delicate. Always use a gentle touch to handle them. Touch them as little as possible. Make sure you do not crush or bend any of their parts. 

Air plants are great additions for home, and they also make excellent gifts for plant lovers.

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