6 Instagram Worthy Indoor Plants for Home Décor

Instagram Worthy Indoor Plants for Home Decor

Adding plants to home is the best way to give it a classy makeover. The touch of nature adds life to your humble abode and uplift the interiors. For a décor enthusiast like me, who is always on a lookout for pretty, fancy things to jazz up the home interiors, decorating with plants is a great idea. I believe that embracing the ‘go green’ approach is a creative and inexpensive way to add instant color and glamour to the home. And not to forget, plants always work as best backdrops for Insta-worthy clicks. 

Yes, apart from air-purifying properties and mood-boosting abilities, plants have photogenic qualities as well that can make your Instagram feed look alluring. That may help you fetch innumerable likes and followers as well. Imagine what joy would that be to recognize and get appreciated for your love towards plants and capturing them. Further, I’ll share with you a list of different types of indoor plants that can fill your place with lush greenery and grant it an Instagram-worthy appearance.

African Violet

Insta Worthy African Violets

The African violets are attractive flowering plants that produce clusters of white, blue or purple flowers. They bloom several times a year, which make them perfect indoor plants for home décor. The African violets can withstand dry air but need high humidity for best growth results. You can grow them in funky pots to add some vibrant colors to your abode along with the touch of greenery.


Insta Worthy Succulents

Succulents are easy to keep alive that add tropical greenery to surroundings and freshen up the room décor. They look stunning displayed in a terrarium, wood slab or pretty clay pots. You can also place succulents in adorable pastel shade large teacups to bring a cheerful ambiance to your living area or balcony. The entire setting would make a great backdrop for tea-party clicks that you can show-off on your Instagram feed. 

Spider Plant

Insta Worthy Spider Plants

Spider plants have long, thin, arched foliage, which is solid green or variegated with white. The leaves of the plants look like a narrow blade of grass that dangle downwards. The spider plants look beautiful in hanging baskets and provide an aesthetically pleasing view. They are extremely difficult to kill. So, even if you forget about watering or fertilizing your spider plant for a few days, it’ll continue to grow and add beauty to your home.

Money Plant

Insta Worthy Money Plant

Money plant is an evergreen climber that can withstand sudden temperature and climatic variations. You can give a complete makeover to the plain, boring wall of your house by growing a money plant on it. The lush green wall will accentuate the look of the house and create an impact. Or you can grow the money plant in a pot kept on a high stand or shelf, which will allow the stems to hang down and add beauty to a particular spot of the house.


Insta Worthy Tilandasia

Tillandsias are also known as air plants that surprisingly do not need soil for their growth. Their leaves absorb nutrients from air and water. You can keep them in glass terrariums along with seashells and mosses. A frame installed with wires is an incredible way to hang air plants that will create visual interest near the windowsill. Similarly, hanging the air plants using thick metal wires will also create an exciting piece of art.

Aloe Vera

Insta Worthy Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is popular for a wide array of health benefits and equally beneficial when using as a decorative indoor plant. The plant placement matters a lot when trying to decorate your abode with aloe vera. Placing it near a window is an ideal location that will give a beautiful focal point to the vacant space. Also, keeping it between metallic art pieces over bookshelves or open racks will give a dramatic appearance to your space. 

So, get ready to decorate your home with these attractive plants and make it look Instagram-worthy always. 


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