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6 Best Ways to Compliment Someone

Best Ways to Compliment Someone

Everybody likes a compliment and a genuine one can bring a gleaming smile to their face. To give a compliment in the right way makes all the difference. Have you ever experienced the embarrassing moment where your compliment seemed like a comment? If yes, then you need to go through our list of best ways to compliment someone. Get ready to learn the tricks and win hearts!

Keep it Honest and Authentic

Honesty is the best policy. For complimenting someone in the right way, all you need is, to be honest. As soon as you notice something good in a person, just say those words as they are.

Be Specific

Did you like the colour of the shirt your friend is wearing? Simply say it. Mention the colour and let them know that it suits them! Being specific is what makes a compliment sound real.

Use Adjectives

Our vocabulary is full of positive adjectives. Use the suitable one as it will help you to convey your thoughts in a better way and will make the other person feel good about themselves.

Use Compliments As a Tool for Motivation

A simple compliment can motivate the receiver. Pointing out their positives only takes a minute or two but has a lot of impact on the self-esteem of the receiver.

Body Language

If you are complimenting someone, then your body language should express the same. Don’t be stiff. Let the positive words flow easily and keep your body as free as you can. Don’t forget to smile while you are giving a compliment.

Say it Instantly

As soon as you feel like complimenting, frame a sentence and say it. Follow the above ways and say it with a smile as you are going to make someone’s day better.

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