10 ways to use Mint leaves in the Kitchen


Mint is a widely used herb known for its cooking and medicinal properties. You must have probably tasted it in a mojito at a restaurant or chutneys made at home. It also offers several health benefits like improved digestion, relief from nausea, and weight loss that makes it a popular herb in Indian kitchens.

You would be surprised to know that mint is used in many culinary and beverage preparations in its fresh and dried form. Here are different ways to use mint leaves in the kitchen.

To prepare the mint syrup


You can make your own mint syrup at home by boiling mint leaves with one part sugar and two parts water. It is a readymade ingredient to flavour your drinks instantly during those hot summer days.

Add to your pesto


Add a little flavour to your pesto with mint leaves. The refreshing mint pesto can be used in everything from salad to toast to pasta.

To spice up fruit salads


You can just chop or sprinkle some washed mint leaves to fruit salads or salsa salads for an instant pick me up.

To prepare mint tea


Mint tea is easy to make that tastes best when served hot as well as cold. You just need to add some mint leaves to the teapot and boil for 5-7 minutes. It aids digestion, reduces headaches, and helps reduce the severity of menstrual cramps.

To make minty chocolate chip cookies


Everyone loves cookies. Mint is the kitchen plant that you can add to your chocolate chip cookie mix to make them taste even better. 

Add to vegetables


You can add mint leaves to steamed vegetables during the last 2 minutes of cooking to enhance the flavour. It will give an interesting twist to your not-to-tasty-but-healthy vegetables.

In soups


Add a few mint leaves to your soups while it cooks to make it more flavourful and healthy. 

To garnish desserts


Use fresh mint leaves to garnish fruit pudding, hot chocolates, and mint-flavoured desserts. They will also make a perfect treat for birthdays and house parties.

In iced beverages

iced beverages

Fresh mint leaves dipped in iced beverages is a quick fix to feel cool and refreshing during the hot summer days. The flavour of mint will tickle your taste buds in a delightful way.

Add to your protein smoothie


You can add a twist to your chocolate protein smoothie with the addition of 3-4 fresh mint leaves. The mint whipped up in the blender along with the smoothie will offer you a refreshing flavour along with the dose of health.

If you know other interesting ways to use mint leaves in the preparation of a beverage, dessert or food item, do let us know in the comments section below.


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