Why is Personalised Video Message a cool gift idea?

Why is Personalised Video Message a cool gift idea

In the pool of gifts, personalised gifts always stand out. The art of personalisation turn a simple gift into something thoughtful that people can cherish forever. The personalised gifts allow your connection to shine through and make the recipient feel special.

Ferns N Petals presents personalised video messages as a new and unique addition to its list of digital gift ideas. It allows people to send personalised wishes for their loved ones on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. When you cannot find the perfect gift for your friends and beloved, personalised video message comes to your rescue. 

Read on to know what makes personalised video messages a cool gift idea!

Give the feeling of excitement

The personalised video message is clubbed together with the song & images & is delivered to the sender via email or SMS. It is a fabulous gifting idea to give tons of memories to your loved ones & add excitement to their celebrations. They can cherish it for the years to come as a token of your love.

Make people smile

The personalised video message is not just another gift. It is a gesture that helps convey your innermost feelings for your dear ones and make them smile like never before. It will stand out from the rest of the gifts and secure a special place in their heart.

Add personal touch

The touch of personalisation makes the video message truly special. It shows your loved ones that you went out of your way to give them something unique & heartwarming. 

Leave your loved ones curious

Your loved ones would be happy, surprised and curious- everything at once. They’ll wonder how you managed to get their best pictures and pick their favourite song to create such a heart-touching video message.

Sense of Pride

Your friends or beloved would love to flaunt such a cool gift in front of their other friends and family members. Sharing the personalised video message on their social media accounts will give them a sense of pride and make them feel special.

Make your loved ones feel like one in a million with creative and heartwarming personalised video messages.

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