Unbeatable Bollywood Ishtyle Proposal Ideas

bollywood ishtyle proposal ideas

Bollywood and its outlandish or grand proposal ideas are iconic. For centuries they have captivated the minds and hearts of movie-buffs. There are many amazing proposal ideas that you can learn from Bollywood and you must not miss them.

Have a look below and propose your lover in full Bollywood ishtyle.

#PyarKiSawaari- Riding a Love Scooter:

A scooter decorated with heart-shaped balloons and you riding it to go and meet your lover with some flowers and gifts. Can anyone say NO to that?

#SubhanallahPyaar- Phool, Chocolate, Balloons, and yes a Ring too:

Kabir carried all these classic things to propose Naina and of course, he ditched his globe-trotting job to be with her. Because love demands commitment too apart from the glitzy proposal ideas.

#AirportWalaPyaar- That quintessential Bollywood Ending:

You cannot take the cliché airport proposal scenes out of Bollywood movies. If he/she is going somewhere for some time, propose at the airport – it will have an impact.

#PyaarJannatHai- Purey Shahar ke saamne izhaar:

That song and this particular scene is very popular. Your lover would feel surreal if you can do this. The hero creates traffic by parking the car in the middle of a road just to get down on his knees and propose. It’s ok, pyaar mein sab maaf hai.

#KambakhtIshq- Beach Samundar mein:

Akshay Kumar carrying Kareena Kapoor and jumping in mid-ocean. Going deep he pulls an oyster shell and takes a diamond ring from it to propose his love. Can you do something like that? A swimming pool would also be fine.

#YeHaiMohabbatein- Sukhe patte pe Love Notes:

No one can snatch the appeal of romantic proposals in Bollywood from SRK. In Mohabbatein, he wrote love letters on dry leaves and it became so popular in 2000. This ishtyle is low-budget and nostalgic both to win your lover.

#ChadhaPyaarKaBukhar- Balcony chadh jaao:

You have seen this many times and you have to learn how to climb a balcony that too chori chori chupke chupke. And please do your research before that. The one whom you want to propose must reside in a room with a balcony.

#HogiPyaarKiJeet- Amidst a match in a stadium:

Bleakly that happened in Mujhse Shaadi Karoge but this is an area where Bollywood needs to take inspiration from Hollywood. The tradition of proposing amidst matches in stadiums is quite a popular American culture. If you can pull that off, please go ahead.

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