Do Perfumes Speak About Your Personality?


One is never fully dressed without a nice perfume. Since ages people have been mesmerized with a nice scent or fragrance. The lovely fragrance actually plays an important role in forming one’s personality. Nobody likes a foul-smelling man or woman. In fact, you would also want to apply some awesome perfume to feel spirited. Just like a daily shower is important, smearing some perfume is also important before stepping out. Because that makes one’s personality more intense. There are certain perfumes that smell like “fresh out of the shower”. There are some that feel like a rose garden and there are some that give you a feeling of citrus fruit.

But why do people wear perfumes? The simple answer is – it makes people happy and confident. Another important reason is the connection between a fragrance and our memory. The human mind has a wonderful memory and a perfume is the most intense form of memory as said by eminent fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Apart from these reasons, another interesting thing to know is the conclusion you can draw by smelling someone. You all must have heard that eyes, handshake, handwriting, or body language speak a lot about a person. Just add the choice of perfume to this list. Yes! Perfumes say a lot about our personality. So, read below and know more.

Honeysuckle Perfumes: Have you ever met someone whose main motive in life is to be “HAPPY”? That person must be a fan of honeysuckle perfumes. These people are a pure delight to be around. They always abstain from darkness or negative talks. You can say they are happy-go-lucky, want to have fun, and spread a smile wherever they go. So, actually, they can never hurt anyone and that makes them flexible to any kind of situation. If you know someone who loves honeysuckle, never let him/her go. Why? Because in this world full of melodramatic people, at least there’s someone who is at his/her feet with the objective of pure love and laughter.

Rose Perfumes: A rose is often said to be the best invention of the Almighty. The fragrance of a natural rose is enough to captivate people. It is stimulating and fills the mind with feelings of love and romance. This is one of the prime reasons why rose petals are used most during wedding events. Those people who deliberately choose only rose-based perfumes are sensitive to everyone around them. These are the people who think 1000 times in their head from all angles and then take decisions for anything and everything. They hardly make mistakes as they do their homework well before acting.

Citrus Perfumes: Many of us love the scent of tangerine, clementine, orange, lemon, sweet lime, grapes, etc. Citrus is a fruit type that is packed with the goodness of Vitamin C and always gives you a fresh feeling. This is a major ingredient in the perfume industry. So, do you buy only citrus-based perfumes?  If yes, you are a born leader. You are ambitious, aggressive, strong-willed, and dominating. You are always energetic and you love to be the shark in office and at home.

Fruity Perfumes: Fruits always fill us with freshness and so if you think the lovers of fruity perfumes are sweet and refreshing, you are wrong! It is quite the opposite. Those who are more into fruity perfumes are actually pessimistic, cranky, and very infuriating. So, if you love fruity fragrances of berries, apples, or melon, or other tropical fruits, agree that you possess a personality that is easily or always annoyed. You love to talk in dry sarcasm language and that’s why people are always at war with you. Your mood swings come unannounced like rain in January. Therefore, either change your perfume or work on yourself or you may land up in utter depression.

Vanilla Perfumes: Just with the mention of the name vanilla, many of us think of delectable cakes! But apart from lovely cakes, vanilla is hugely used in the perfume industry as well. The lovers of vanilla perfumes are simply the life of any party. They are fun-loving, energetic, and very high-spirited. You just cannot bring down the confidence these people. These people just cannot sit quietly at home during vacation or weekend. They have to go out, meet new people, socialize, and live the life. If you know someone who possesses these qualities, never forget to gift a vanilla perfume on their special occasions.

Jasmine Perfumes: This is a flower type with one of the most captivating fragrance. You read about the fun-loving attitude of the Vanilla perfume personality types – right? A Jasmine perfume lover is two notches higher to the fun and excitement of the vanilla type. Their adventurous plans never stop! These people give a damn about what people are thinking of their dress, shoes, or behavior. The Jasmine lovers have full faith and confidence in themselves. “Bored” is a word that never comes in their dictionary. This spontaneity in your character, dear Jasmine lover is the game-winner always!

Sandalwood Perfumes: Sandalwood smells like the first love and nostalgia. People who generally fall for the sandalwood perfumes are the perfectionists. They are never satisfied with themselves and are always working on honing their skills. They are their own biggest critics. These people are achievers and set a goal for themselves. Until they achieve that goal, they just cannot sit peacefully. That may sometimes be a bit harsh on themselves and the surrounding people. So, there’s a piece of advice to the Sandalwood perfume lovers – relax for a while!

Lavender Perfumes: Lavender is a flowering plant belonging to the mint family. The scent of a lavender is a beautiful amalgamation of fresh, floral, clean, and calm. In case you know someone who loves this smell, that person surely has a huge network of friends. The aura of this person is enigmatic and people simply love to be around him/her. The lovers of lavender perfumes are often thoughtful, trustworthy, and contemplative. This person would always stand by your side if you have befriended him/her. Therefore, trust your lavender loving friend and gift some more lavender perfumes to enrich his/her collection.

So, reading this informative blog on perfume and personality, you can judge people better. There are always many layers inside a person and this small choice of a perfume would reveal bigger personality traits of anyone in front of you.

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