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10th February is Teddy Day and people gift cuddly buddies to their lovers, siblings, or best friends. Teddy bears are cuddlesome and they relieve a stressful day. There is a beautiful comfort when you hug them. Many prefer to hold a teddy to fall asleep while most of us hold them tightly while watching a movie. Teddies are best friends for life and Ferns N Petals presents to you an awesome range of cuddle-worthy joys that you can gift on Teddy Day.

6 Teddy Bears Bouquet

This is quite an unusual bouquet to gift your loved ones this Teddy Day. Six teddy bears of 4 inches and various colours would make anyone happy and jump with joy.

Foam Teddy Bear- Multicoloured

Made from foam, this is another thrilling gift for Teddy Day. This teddy bear represents all your shades of love through the design of multicolour roses.

Kissing Teddy

Double the joy this Teddy Day with this cute and adorable teddy bear gift. One teddy is kissing the other one and it represents your romantic feelings beautifully.

1000 Red Roses Grand Teddy Bear

How grand can be your expression of love for that special person? Well, if there is anything that can match that feeling then it must be this grand and gorgeous teddy bear made from 1000 red roses.

Cute Love Toffee Bear

A cute fluffy bear is holding a toffee – how cute can this get? The innocent eyes of this pink teddy bear will win over anyone.

Rose Quartz Wish Tree & Teddy Bear

If you are looking out for something more, then, you can settle for this wonderful combo. Rose quartz wish tree will spread positive energies, enhance prosperity, and will also take care of the heart’s desires. On the other hand, a teddy bear will spread happiness.

Mini Brown Teddy Bear

This mini brown teddy bear will make your loved ones happy. The fluffy bear has a bow around the neck that says “I Love You”.

Camel Coloured Heart Holding Teddy 

Make your lover go “awww” with this adorable teddy bear that is holding a heart that says “Love”.

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