This Mother’s Day- #ReturnHerLove In Amazing Ways

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Mother's Day 2019

Of all the things that life has given, mom is the most precious one. Life started with her and all her life she remains a constant source of inspiration, love, care, strength, and determination. There are times (especially when you grow up), you start to ignore your mom. She never feels bad. Even if she feels bad, she forgives you and hugs you the next moment. Such is her love! The love of a mom is pure, sacred, and comes without any intention or filter and perhaps you can never love her the way she loves you. But still, at least try once to #ReturnHerLove in simplest ways. She doesn’t want you to bring riches. All she wants you to do is respond to her “ways of showing her love & concern”.

This Mother’s Day, take an oath to be a bit different and give her simple joys in life. Here are some simple ways to #ReturnHerLove:

Pick Her Calls:

Pick Your Moms Calls

Maybe she called you while you were in the middle of a presentation, attending a lecture, or doing your regular stuff. But the moment you see her “missed calls” on your phone, don’t think twice and just dial her number. Her love is in those “missed calls”. Maybe she will ask you the same questions, “have you eaten?”, “how is your health?”, “did you call Pinki Maasi?”, etc. But her motive is simple – she just wants you to be hale and hearty and that’s why she calls you multiple times! She prioritizes you the most in her life and her call history is proof of that.

Return Home In Time:

Return Home In Time

Until and unless you return home, she won’t go to her bedroom. Even if she goes, she will come to see you once you are back from office or party. Her love is in those “sleepless nights”. Many a time, you must have seen your mom lying down in the sofa waiting for you. She does that because she wants to see your face after the long day.

Eat What She Serves:

Eat What She Serves

Being a mom is not an easy task at all. All her day, she thinks about you. She tries new recipes, learns some of the tough names of dishes too. A mom does that only to satisfy you at the dinner table. Her biggest happiness is seeing you happy and smiling with food at the dinner table and returning home with “khali dabba”. Moms also have the habit of asking you “what would you eat?”. And thus, when you don’t eat what she cooks, it hurts her. Because she really puts a lot of effort to make the “lunch box” or dinner plate yummy.

Appreciate Her Social Media Presence:

Social Media

You are born in this era and thus technology and every other related stuff are easy for you to understand and adapt. But such is not the case with her. She just wants to be your forever friend and that’s the only reason behind her “likes” & “comments” in your pictures, status updates, or memory shares! Remember, after your performances in school stage or local events, she used to hug you and appreciate you. So, in her eyes, you are always a star. So, you should be proud of her comments on your posts.

Pay Her Regular Visits:

She Waits

She knows that you will return home during festive moments. But still, she never gets tired of asking you “when will you come home?”. Her big love resides in those small waits for your arrival back home. She has plans ready what all she would do when you are at home. So, apart from festive breaks, try to surprise her over weekends, extended holidays, or on her birthday, or mother’s day.

Say Sorry:

Say Sorry to Mom

Many a time you hurt her with or without reasons and she has such a large heart that she doesn’t sulk. When a sibling or a dear friend or spouse throws tantrums to you, do you behave the same way as your mom? She loves you blindly and unconditionally and that’s why in spite of being hurt (a little), she will again respond to your needs, wait for you, or talk to you normally (as if nothing happened). For all those moments, say a sorry to her from your heart. Add a “thank you” too with a handmade card or a personalized gift.

You will never get anyone like her ever in your life and that’s why cherish all that she does without complaints. This mother’s day, therefore, #ReturnHerLove by being the good & obedient kid to her.

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