The True Meaning of Raksha Ka Bandhan

Raksha Ka Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan – the big Indian festival glorifies the sacred bond between the brothers and sisters. This term Raksha Bandhan means a bond or relationship of protection. A brother and a sister vow to protect each other from all kinds of atrocities and that’s why such name is given to this festival. Our strong mythological tales also suggest that sisters used to pray to God and tie a sacred thread on the wrist of their brothers and perhaps that laid the foundation for this unique ritual.

It is an age-old culture and tradition that only the brother-sister relationship is celebrated on this festival. Don’t you think all your other relationships carry this layer of protection? Of course, they do. You always pray to the Almighty for the safety and security of the ones you love. So, this Raksha Bandhan, why don’t be different than the rest and celebrate all your relationships just like the little girl is trying to do in the latest advertisement of Ferns N Petals.

This beautiful advertisement changed my mindset of celebrating Raksha Bandhan. I have once again realised that life is a beautiful song sung together. If you don’t have the companionship of others – there is no meaning to this life. In different ways, different people, at different stages of your life protect you, care for you, and love you. You can, therefore, tie a Rakhi on their wrists and promise to take their good care. The Rakhis you tie on them would be a proof of your love and respect.


Parents are the primary caregivers in life. No one can fill in their shoes. From giving birth to providing us with all the basic and luxurious amenities – mom and dad are the superstars of our lives. They are like the thick roof who shelters you, saves you from scorching sunlight, thunderous rain, or chilling cold. Thus, they are the number one persons whom you should tie a Rakhi for the protection they were providing to you since the time you were just conceived.

Best Friends:

The role of best friends is very special and precious and cannot be enacted by “just anyone”. Best friends are those people who never fail to understand you. There are many situations that you face in life about which you cannot discuss with your parents or siblings. But you can very easily discuss anything and everything with your best friends. When you are heartbroken, dejected, and simply don’t want to face the world – your best friends are the ones who lift up your spirits. In all those “bad food days” in your hostel or PG’s – they were with you to make experimental Maggi!

One of my roommates took off from her office to look after me when I was affected by smallpox. She was not a family member nor a parent, but right at that moment, I had no better caretaker than her. Till today, she is more than just a friend to me. You all also must be having those friends who are always ready to be with you – be it 4 A.M. or at midnight. Those buddies surely would feel special if you tie a Rakhi.


Grandparents are always safe places to hide when you want to escape your scolding parents. Sometimes, you don’t even know how mad your parents are at you because those expressions were filtered by your grandparents. They also save you from many other dangers of the world by giving you moral support. They have seen the world enough and their experiences are golden and thus the knowledge they have is something no one can give you. In all their stories – there is immense knowledge that will always work as a guideline to save you in various distressful moments of your life.


There are countless times when our neighbours help us and prove their loyalty towards us. I would like to share a very simple example with you all. I visit my hometown at least thrice a year and plan a weeklong trip at least twice a year and whenever I am away, my neighbour Mrs. Khurrana take care of my garden – said or unsaid. My plants at my place give me a fresher and disease-free air and when I cannot take care of them, my neighbour doesn’t make them feel neglected.

Back in my home, once the whole family left post-lunch to visit my aunt. In haste, my mom forgot to switch off the gas knob. After an hour, when the pungent smell started to spread, our neighbour first called my dad and then assured us that he will take care. He had to break one window to enter our house and then switch off the gas knob. Things would have been worse also – right? Think about how your neighbours saved you. And also remember that he/she saved you out of humanity. So, can’t you tie a Rakhi thread on his/her wrist this time?


Posted at the frontiers – they live on high alert – always. When they are leaving home at the end of the holidays, their family members also don’t know when they will be able to meet their son/father/uncle/brother. They are not even related to you or me by blood but they perform their duties with utmost perfection. They are the reasons behind our sound sleep and exciting celebrations at home. This Raksha Bandhan, don’t forget to send Rakhi to soldiers and express your gratitude towards them.


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