Social Distancing Gift Idea during Lockdown

Sometimes music is the only medicine the heart and soul need

-Lori Deschene

In the present time, when social distancing has become the need of the hour, it has become difficult to send gifts to your loved ones. However, there is something that breaks all barriers of a lockdown- Music! It is a great option to calm your mind amidst the chaos. Whether feeling a bit anxious or lonely, music helps. The time of quarantine is tough on everyone. But it shouldn’t stop you from conveying your feelings for people who mean the world to you. Your loved ones need your affection and care more than ever.

Ferns N Petals provides you an opportunity to convey your love and wishes for your dear ones through music. We have recently launched guitarist on video call service to help people spread smiles on their loved one’s special days during COVID-19. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or simply an ordinary day, the online guitarist service will help you make it more memorable for your friends and family.

How can you avail the service online?

  • You can book the service online here
  • Once the order is placed, the guitarist will contact the sender and take down the list of the songs to be played
  • The guitarist arranges for a WhatsApp video conference call with sender & the recipient
  • The guitarist plays the songs on the video call requested by the sender

Please note that the guitarist would know most of the popular songs. There are two available options- 10-15 minutes performance & 20-30 minutes performance. You can choose according to your preference that will serve as a great mood booster for your loved ones.

The surprise of music during the difficult time of self-isolation will help you express your affection and care in a creative way.

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