Roles and identity

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womanYou can call her mother, sister, girlfriend or by any other role that she plays in your life. But she is more than that. She is that soul that captures your heart and keeps it safe in her. The first woman we encounter is our mother, that wonderful angel who will do everything in her power to keep you happy. But we often take her affection for granted, believing that it’s her duty to do so. Then we are blessed with a sister. Everything that your mother cannot do, your sister will do. Covering up your mistakes even if it means that they will land in trouble.

Their love is often returned with an attitude. Sheesh, so what you waited for me till dinner? All wives do that!” When exactly will we step out of the defined gender behaviour and do something that is out of our gender role for a change? When will we give the women of the house the respect they deserve? A lot of questions have been unanswered since a long time. Oh well, everything doesn’t need an answer. Sometimes we have to let our actions do the talking.

Every time we let the women around us be reminded of the pre-decided gender roles, we choose to overlook the basic equality right that every human deserves without being constantly reminded of their gender. The women around us have been basically adopting and taking care of us, once it was our mother, then our sister and finally our wife. Their selfless acts of love deserves appreciation, attention and respect.

Women who choose to have a career are often shut down on their disavowala towards family life. Making it rather difficult to maintain a personal as well as professional life, they are often pushed to a point where they have to make a choice between the two. As a woman or rather as a human being, I often wonder why we are pushed to have that choice. But nevertheless, choice or not, we still end up being one hell of a multi-tasker. Kudos to the women out there, they need to be applauded to have the courage, the patience and a big heart to conquer it all.

I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.

 Charlotte Bront, Jane Eyre

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